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Simple-To-Follow & Tasty Food Prep Tips

We are Cooking Experts with 30 years of combined experience. This space is a tribute to our better-halves who do a lot of the heavy lifting but are constantly lost in the kitchen :). We realized there is no resource out there that helps busy dads/ busy bee’s simplify life in the kitchen and that is what we aim with We have created super simple-to-understand guides on the best way to manage your Prepared Food. Whether you are just starting out on your cooking journey or looking for something specific that is quick and simple, you will find it on

There is so much data out there but pulling it all together and presenting it simply, in one place, has taken us many years to do, and honestly, we love it! Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated and the everyday practicalities of reheating meals, freezing and storing other food is great to know and understand.

Soon, we’ll be launching an online cooking school to help all you people out there master the basics of cooking so that you can be making fantastic healthy meals from scratch in minutes instead of slaving over long recipes for hours to feed yourself and family.

Product reviews is something that is lots of fun and can be a lot of help when needing to purchase those little (or big) investments for the kitchen. The right tools, can be extremely helpful in getting your cooking just right.

How to Reheat Foods

Looking for how to Reheat leftover frozen pizza? Or wondering how to store quiche the correct way? We have all these helpful tips for you.

Unique Cooking Tips

A few cooking tricks can make a boring dish delicious or just simplify your cooking process. Our experts dive into these handy hacks that will help you regularly.

Weird Tasting Notes

Curious about what groundhog tastes like or if cougar meat is actually edible? Our experts push the boundaries of extreme tasting, demystifying these foods for you.

Product Reviews

We are putting our team’s years of experience and dollars behind testing and reviewing small kitchen appliances to give you a better shopping experience.

Our Team

Since 2017 our team of Food Maestros has been dedicating their time to researching and writing about the best way you can manage your Prepared Foods.  Here we share with you everything you need to get your kitchen going. 

Our motto is to never stop learning and we want You to be part of this journey. This is a space where we will be trying and testing new styles and recipe ingredients to bring you the best. Our goal is to make it easier and help you not just cook but also experience the food you eat!

Nifty How Tos

Dude! do you want to prolong the life of your prepared food so you don’t have to worry about meals? Here you will find helpful tips on how to reheat, store, freeze and more tricks that will make you look like a genius in front of your partner! 

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Unique Cooking Tips

Ever been in the situation where you are doing 4 things at once – Kneading dough, prepping the stake, roasting the vegetables, when you accidently burn the rice!! Totally get it hombre, been there done that. To help you we have compiled simple cooking hacks that will make your life in the kitchen a lot more fun. 

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Product Reviews

Find unbiased ratings and reviews on products that we have hand-picked and personally used and believe will be a good addition to your man galley  

Super simple techniques taking the stress out of cooking

At FoodLve, we provide expert knowledge on how to manage your prepared foods from reheating, storing, freezing, etc. along with small appliances product and tool reviews, including ratings and how they perform in different food categories. We regularly publish new articles focusing on a variety of food-related topics from how-tos in the kitchen, cooking guides, kitchen tool reviews, general cooking advice, and much more.

We are dedicated to helping you have a better experience in your kitchen. Whether it be by improving your own cooking skills through simple life hacks or by helping you demystify complex ingredients. It is our belief that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, so together we are going to spread the love for Food.  

Detailed Cooking Articles on How To, Cooking Tips, Tasting Notes and Product Reviews!
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