What Does Keto Up Unicorn Slam Taste Like – Boost Your Energy!

What Does Keto Up Unicorn Slam Taste Like

There are tons of different energy drinks out there that you can indulge in, whether you’re using them to boost your workout or you simply drink them to get you through the day. One of those delicious energy drinks is Keto Up Unicorn Slam. 

Keto Up Unicorn Slam is a unique, sweet flavor that tastes like a combination between cotton candy and pink starbursts. It’s a mix of fruity flavors and the super-sweet taste of your childhood. 

What Does Keto Up Unicorn Slam Taste Like?

What Does Keto Up Unicorn Slam Taste Like

If you’ve ever sat down to munch on some tropical-flavored starbursts, then you’ll immediately recognize the flavor in Keto Up Unicorn Slam. The pink starburst, which is a strawberry flavor, has a unique flavor that’s found in Ket Up Unicorn Slam. 

In addition to that, this drink has notes of cotton candy. You might also notice hints of bubblegum in the drink. 

What Is Keto Up Unicorn Slam? 

Keto Up Unicorn Slam is a drink made out of Ketones that comes in a can. It’s an energy drink that’s designed to help get you through the day or step up your workout. 

Keto Up drinks are packed with tons of healthy ingredients for boosting energy, including: 

  • R-beta Hydroxybutyrate
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Potassium
  • Betaine
  • Agmatine Sulfate
  • Green Tea Extract
  • C-Med 100
  • L-Theanine

These drinks include stevia extract which sweetens the beverage without packing on the calories. Plus, the drink contains as much caffeine as an 8oz cup of coffee, which means it’s a great way to give yourself an energy boost in the morning. 

Health Benefits of Keto Up Unicorn Slam

Keto Up Unicorn Slam provides its users with tons of different health benefits. Let’s check out some of the many reasons why people keep coming back to this delicious energy drink. 

1. Boosts Your Metabolism

One benefit of Keto Up is that it boosts your metabolism. The beverage contains caffeine, which is an ingredient that stimulates the body and speeds up the rate at which you burn calories and process food. 

With a faster metabolism, it’s easier for you to burn fat and keep weight off the body. That makes it a great choice for anyone who’s trying to slim down or shed a few extra pounds. 

2. Improves Your Focus

If you struggle to stay focused on your daily tasks or on your work at the office, you might want to consider taking a sip of Keto Up Unicorn Slam. The reason for that is that this beverage can help increase your focus. 

This drink contains L-Theanine, which promotes brain focus. Plus, this ingredient also offers neuroprotection that creates calm feelings and reduces stress levels. 

3. Assists Muscle Growth

If you’ve been trying to bulk up at the gym but haven’t been successful, Keto Up could be the answer you’re looking for. Keto Up contains Agmatine Sulfate, which is a nutrient that helps you build muscle. 

On top of that, this nutrient boosts your exercise performance. And, it helps your workout recovery, making you less likely to suffer from muscle aches and pains after a tough gym session. 

4. Boosts Your Energy

If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, perhaps you should try incorporating Ket Up Unicorn Slam into your diet. Each can of Keto Up contains a healthy dose of antioxidants, which fight against free radicals in the body. 

Antioxidants also increase your blood flow, getting your body back in gear for the day. And, the caffeine content in the beverages can give you a burst of energy that helps you jump out of bed in the morning. 

Where to Buy Keto Up Unicorn Slam?

Buy Keto Up Unicorn Slam

If you’re ready to try Keto Up Unicorn Slam, you’ll need to know where to purchase the drink. Luckily, there are a few places where you can get your hands on this ketone beverage so that you can transform your workout or start your day!

One of the most common places where you can buy Keto Up Unicorn Slam is at health and supplement stores. Check out the fridges typically located in the back of the store to see what flavors of Keto Up they stock. 

For those who’d rather get Keto Up Unicorn Slam delivered to their door, there’s an option there too. You can place an order for the beverage directly through the Pruvit website and even save on bulk orders. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve still got questions about Keto Up Unicorn Slam, we get it. Here are some answers to a few frequently asked questions about this product. 

What does pruvit keto up do?

Pruvit Keto Up is a drink that’s designed to boost energy. It proves you with several of the benefits of a ketogenic diet without forcing you to adhere to strict food regulations. 

How do you drink ketones?

You can drink ketones in coffee, shakes, almond milk, or even coconut water. You should try to drink them about 30-minutes before you go to the gym so that you can use them up during your workout. 

What does Maui Punch Pruvit taste like?

This variety of Keto Up has a tropical flavor, with notes of mango, pineapple, and raspberry. It tastes the most similar to Hawaiian Punch. 

What does Pruvit Nat Splash Taste Like?

Anyone who has fallen in love with ketone drinks might want to try Pruvit’s Nat Splash. This isn’t one of their Keto Up beverages but is still a delicious choice of drink. This particular flavor tastes like watermelon.


Ultimately, the best way to know what Keto Up Unicorn Slam tastes like is to try it yourself! Perhaps you can share your experience and help others discover this intriguing drink.

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