What Does Ice Jelly Taste Like – Introducing Hardened Jellies To Your Taste Buds!

What Does Ice Jelly Taste Like

If you’ve ever checked out Asian dessert culture, you know that there are some pretty incredible desserts. Think jiggly pancakes, melon pan, and boba.

One amazing dessert is ice jelly. This dessert is extremely versatile, meaning that you can pair it with tons of different flavors for a unique yet delicious treat!

Although ice jelly tastes flavorless on its own, it’s usually paired with lime and honey to give it a tasty and sweet flavor. This snack tastes reminiscent of tapioca bubbles which you’ll find in boba tea. 

What Is Ice Jelly?

Ice jelly, more commonly known as Aiyu jelly, is a dessert from Taiwan. This summer treat is popular both in Taiwain, around Asia, and in Asian restaurants around the globe. 

The reason why so many people love ice jelly is that it’s extremely refreshing. You’ll usually serve it with shaved ice or on top of boba, adding to the sweet and refreshing nature of the treat

What Does Ice Jelly Taste Like

Ice jelly is made out of the seeds of a creeping fig plant that’s native to East Asia. Chefs combine the fig seeds with water to create a yellow gel. When you set the gel in the refrigerator, it will turn into a hardened jelly. 

What Does Ice Jelly Taste Like?

Ice jelly on its own tastes mostly sweet and watery. Since the dessert’s main ingredient is water, you won’t notice any super distinct flavors if you’re eating it alone. 

However, if you order this dessert in a restaurant, you’ll be treated to a very different taste. Ice jelly is usually topped with slices of lime and drizzled with honey, giving a sweet and slightly citrusy taste to the dessert. 

How to Store Ice Jelly

Ice jelly isn’t a dessert that will last very long, so you’ll want to eat it as quickly as possible. The reason why it expires so quickly is that it’s made of natural ingredients and contains no preservatives. 

If you have to store the ice jelly, however, you’ll want to place it in a sealed container and store it in the refrigerator. This will help it to keep its jelly consistency. In 2-3 days, however, the dessert will turn watery and will need to be thrown away. 

Health Benefits of Ice Jelly

Health Benefits of Ice Jelly

There are tons of amazing benefits of eating ice jelly, mostly due to the fact that this is an all-natural dessert. Since there are no added preservatives, you avoid packing your body with harmful chemicals. 

In addition to that, ice jelly contains a good amount of protein. That makes it great for digestion and for absorbing other plant-based foods. Plus, the dietary fiber and vitamins contained in this treat can regulate your metabolism and lower bad cholesterol levels. 

Probably the best part of the treat is that it’s low in calories. Since the dessert is made out of 90% water, you can safely consume it without worrying about packing on the pounds. 

And, it’s ideal for eating on a hot summer’s day thanks to its cooling properties. The snack can help regulate your circulation, lower inflammation, and reduce swelling. 

How to Eat Ice Jelly

There are tons of different ways for you to eat ice jelly, although it’s traditionally served with lime juice and honey. That gives it a sweet and citrusy flavor combination that melts in your mouth

Regardless of how you choose to enjoy this treat, you should serve it cold. In Taiwan, many people enjoy serving it with ice cubes to help keep the treat cold and fresh. 

Because it has such a simple flavor, ice jelly tastes good with just about any ingredient you want to pair it with. You can add it to red bean, matcha, or milk tea treats or throw it into a fruity dessert and know it will turn out great. 

What is Ice Jelly Made From?

Ice jelly is made using dried seeds from the creeping fig or by using Aiyu powder. If you use the fruit, you should be aware that the fruit is only available from October to April. It’s small and shaped like a hedgehog. 

The seeds are the best option for making ice jelly because they have a fresher flavor. And, they don’t contain preservatives which many powdered forms of ice jelly do contain.

Ice Jelly made from

How to Make Ice Jelly

If you want to make ice jelly all you’ll need are dried Aiyu seeds and water. To make the jelly, place the seeds into a cheesecloth and squeeze them while submerging them in cold water. 

Continually rub the seeds until they begin to produce a yellow gel. Once you’ve got all the jelly out of the seeds, place the gel in the refrigerator and wait for it to harden. 

Just make sure that you use spring water or mineral water to make the jelly. You cannot use tap water as this will not cause the seeds to produce the gel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have some lingering questions about ice jelly? You’re not the only one. Let’s take a look at a few commonly asked questions about this treat.

How do you eat ice jelly?

There are tons of different ways of eating ice jelly. Our top recommendation is to try it plain, with a little bit of honey and lime juice on top!

Where can I buy ice jelly?

If you want to buy ice jelly you should look for a Taiwanese restaurant. Many boba shops also offer it as a topping for your drink!

How do you make Aiyu sour Jelly?

You can also eat Aiyu as sour jelly! Just leave the honey out of the recipe when adding lime juice and enjoy the results!

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