What Does Fox Meat Taste Like? [Can You Even???]

What Does Fox Meat Taste Like
What Does Fox Meat Taste Like

Humans are known to consume a wide variety of strange meats. You’d be astonished at some of the foods that humans consume.  Aside from that, fox meat has been a popular topic of conversation recently. 

Although fox meat is not common meat, and there are a few risks involved with eating it, the meat is edible, and many people that have eaten foxes say that it tastes quite good. 

The meat is chewy and rough, and raw fox meat is rarely available for purchase. It is also quite lean meat, which doesn’t contain much fat. It must be tenderised before it can be eaten.

Is Fox Meat Edible?

Do humans eat foxes? Although a complex food, it is edible. People eat such foods sometimes out of necessity or survival crisis. One cannot find raw fox meat easily in the market; because they are known as risky to eat, which we will explain later. 

First-timers, especially, will find this meat a bit gamey. It is not on the top of the edible meat list. However, it is still eaten by many. Its uncooked stage smells stinky, but that can be improved by cooking and soaking it in saltwater. It is rough and chewy and has a goat or sheep-like flavour. It has a rich flavour and a fibrous texture that sets it apart from other meats you could find in the grocery store.

Do Humans Eat Red Foxes?

Do Humans Eat Red Foxes

Yes. If you’ve ever eaten fox meat, you know how chewy, rough, and slightly unpleasant the raw meat is. The raw meat has a fishy odour. Their cooked flesh has a sheep or goat-like flavour and aroma.

Most fox recipes call for a good pre-soak in a salt and vinegar solution to soften the flesh and mask the distinctive odour it emits. It also helps in making your fox meat taste good.

In short, fox meat can be a viable option in a pinch, but it will be quite hard for you to find much vinegar in the wilderness to mask the taste and odour, not to mention the potential health concerns and infections.

Fox Type: Different Taste

Fox meat tastes different to different people. It depends on taste buds. Its taste does not differ much with fox type as they all are fattier, harder, and have a metallic taste, but still, fox type is significant, like

  • Live foxes, mostly found in cities, feast on garbage. So, they are not likely to carry a pleasant smell.
  • Arctic foxes, also known as blue foxes, have bearable stinkiness. 
  • ‘Red foxes’ are known to have a very high stench or foul odour, especially in raw form.

Here’s a look at the several types of foxes and their stench levels, which will ultimately determine the taste of your prepared meal:

Fox typeSmell/Taste
Live foxesUnpleasant smell
Arctic foxesRelatively better odour than others
RedHigh foul smell

Stench Of Fox Meat: Cooking Matters

Fox meat has a tough texture and is extremely strong. You can make it a lot better with your cooking. However, through the whole cooking process, it gets stronger in smell. You can tenderize fox meat before and during the process to remove the smell.

Cooking Tips To Enhance Taste

Here are some tips to get away with its repulsive stench:

  • Soak raw fox meat overnight.
  • While soaking, make sure that it is properly submerged, and add a tablespoon of salt and a cup of water
  • This process is known as brining (suggested brining time is approx. 12 hours)

You can also add some extra spices like bay leaves, ginger, lemon juice, rosemary, pepper, or apple cider vinegar; the acid content in them will make meat more tender by breaking it down. And there is your fox meat, ready to eat.

In addition, half-cooked high-calorie meat like fox meat can give you digestive issues. How? Let’s see.

Is Fox Meat Dangerous To Eat?

Is Fox Meat Dangerous To Eat

For survival, one has to eat many weird things in the wild, but generally said, wild animals, including foxes which are predators (carnivores), are dangerous to eat. Since they eat dead animals, raw fishes, and even rodents in the wild, they are likely to have some infections and diseases.

If you merely came in contact with a fox’s skull, you may contract various infections. No one wants that! Be cautious and make sure the meat is well cooked (to minimize the risk of rabies). Also, avoid intentionally smelling it, as you might not like it.

For your quick reference, we are adding a table:

Fox Meat QueriesAnswers
TasteTougher to eat, taste like goat and sheep-meat
SmellConsistent foul smell
Availability Not easily available (easy if you hunt!)
RiskHigh risk of infection and disease
NutrientsHigh protein count and fewer carbs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Fox And Wolf Taste The Same?

Yes, but fox meat has a stronger pungent smell than a wolf in raw form. Also, because they both are wild and almost the same, their meat texture will be the same, that is, tougher to eat.

Does Fox Meat Have Nutritional Value?

Yes, it contains 38% protein and 62% fat, also no carbs! There you go, the gym problem sorted.

Is It Difficult To Find Raw Meat?

Yes, because of the risks it brings, being a wild animal, most markets avoid selling it. But, it’s not impossible to find it, especially in the open wild areas.

Does Fox Meat Taste Like Goat Meat?

Yes, fox meat tastes like goat and sheep meat (after proper cooking), but comparatively a very high stench.

How To Make Fox Meat Tender?

You can make fox meat tender by adding vinegar or spices having acidic content. You can soak it overnight, and then start cooking.

What Does Red Fox Taste Like?

Red fox tastes chewy, tougher to eat, and carries a very repulsive smell, especially in raw form.


To sum it up, the fox meat tastes tougher, chewy and holds a strong foul odour. You can avoid it by cooking it with extra spices, and getting it essentially soaked overnight in saltwater. This overnight soaking is required to avoid catching any infection or disease from the meat of a carnivore and predator animal like a fox. 

Additionally, once you have built a taste for any food item, you will be comfortable in including that food in your regular diet.

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