What Does Edible Paper Taste Like? [And Is It Safe To Eat??]

What Does Edible Paper Taste Like

Whether you’re a professional dessert decorator or home baker, edible paper is a great product for you. It can transform your desserts into delicious and exquisite masterpieces by adding an extra layer of beauty.

The best thing about edible paper is that it’s extremely affordable. This article discusses everything you need to know about edible paper including what edible paper tastes like.

What Does Wafer Paper Taste Like?

Water wafers are generally flavorless. However, some companies add some additives such as vanilla flavourings to their wafer sheets. Water paper dissolves in your mouth and the flavorless taste of these edible sheets means that they won’t affect the taste of your recipe.

Advantages of Wafer Paper

Wafer paper and icing sheets both come with their own advantages and disadvantages. The following are some advantages of wafer paper.

  • One sheet cost is lower than icing sheets
  • You can use it as a cake topper because you don’t need to apply it to any other medium.
  • It can hold its shape easily because it’s very flexible.
  • You can mold it into different shapes if needed as it doesn’t break easily.
  • It’s ideal for recipes with complex designs.
  • It doesn’t dry out quickly and you can store it for a longer period of time.
  • You can buy a thicker wafer sheet if you want to use it as a standup cake topper.
  • It doesn’t have any flavor, so it doesn’t affect the taste of your recipe.

Disadvantages of Wafer Paper

  • The application of wafer paper is not very seamless because it can have jagged edges and it’s also difficult to cut as compared to a frosting sheet.
  • It can curl or wrinkle during the printing process.
  • It can show some issues while it is in your printer.
  • The image that you print of a wafer sheet is less bold and bright than an icing sheet.

What is an Edible Paper?

The edible paper closely resembles standard paper and it’s made with starches and sugar. You can use edible papers along with edible ink to make custom images in order to use them as edible cake toppers.

The best thing about this amazing product is that it’s completely safe to eat. Primarily, there are two common types of edible papers.

Wafer Papers

Wafer paper is also known as rice paper and it’s made with different types of ingredients. The main ingredient of wafer papers is a starch-based material that can be soybean, wheat, rice, tapioca, potato starch, and cornstarch. Vegetable oil is also used to manufacture wafer papers.

Wafer papers don’t curl once they’re applied to wet icing and they’re suitable for embossing, scoring, cutting, folding, and creating printed images.

Frosting Sheets

Frosting sheets are made from a very thin layer of sugar or white icing pressed hard on a plastic backing paper. You can use this thin sheet as a standard printer paper because it’s thicker and sturdier than a wafer sheet.

There are some types of frosting sheets available in the market that need heating or freezing if you need to remove them from a backing sheet. You can apply frosting sheets to non-dairy or regular whipped cream, ganache, royal icing, or even ice cream and they can also be eaten safely.

What Does a Frosting Sheet Taste Like?

As mentioned, frosting sheets are made of a thin layer of sugar or white icing. That’s why frosting or icing sheets tend to offer a slightly sweet taste. The taste of the frosting sheet can vary from brand to brand but generally, they come with a mildly sweet flavour. But still, the taste of these sheets is non-noticeable because it’s generally absorbed by the recipe.

Advantages of a Frosting Sheet

  • A frosting sheet can be well-bounced once they are applied.
  • The image you print on a frosting sheet is bolder and brighter than a wafer sheet.
  • It can easily dissolve into the recipe and you’re only left with the printed image.
  • Usually, they are thicker than wafer sheets and can be applied to royal icing and fondant icing easily.

Disadvantages of a Frosting Sheet

  • Usually, it comes with a sweet flavor that can affect the taste of your recipe.
  • The frosting edible paper is more expensive than a wafer sheet.
  • You need to store icing paper in an airtight container to keep it fresh for a longer period of time.
  • The frosting sheet must be applied to something like royal icing or fondant icing.
  • It’s a little difficult to shape because it’s less flexible than wafer paper.
  • It’s sturdier but less flexible, which means it can break easily.

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So, Is Wafer Paper or Icing Sheet Paper Better?

Edible Paper

Icing sheets closely resemble fondant icing. Most brands offer frosting sheets that are thicker than wafer papers and they’re also sturdier. These sugar sheets, unlike wafer paper, allow you to achieve a higher quality print finish.

On the other hand, wafer papers are more flexible and they work as cakes toppers unsurprisingly well. Additionally, you can also buy a thicker wafer paper depending upon your intended use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Eat Edible Paper?

Yes, you can eat edible paper without worrying about any harmful effects because there are none. Most edible paper types are flavorless and you can use an edible printer or a standard one to print an edible paper.

2. What Is Edible Paper Made Out Of?

The edible paper is made from different types of ingredients where the main one is a starch-based material. It could be dehydrated potato starch, soybean, wheat, rice, tapioca, or cornstarch. Usually, vegetable oil is also used in the manufacturing of edible paper and all the ingredients are safe to eat.

3. What Do Edible Images Taste Like?

The edible image printed on wager paper doesn’t have any flavor. On the other hand, if it’s printed on an icing sheet, it’ll offer a slightly sweet and vanilla taste because of the added flavorings.

4. Can Edible Print Be Eaten?

Yes, edible print can be eaten because it consists of edible inks and a wafer or icing sheet. The edible ink that’s added to edible ink cartridges is basically a type of food coloring. So, all the ingredients used in these products are edible and some companies also offer edible ink and sheets that are approved by the FDA. But still, you need to make sure that the icing sheet you buy doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients if you’re planning to use it in recipes. 


So, you’ve pondered the curious concept of edible paper – a sweet or savory sheet meant to be enjoyed alongside your culinary creations. But what does it actually taste like? This delicious exploration has hopefully unveiled the diverse possibilities, from the subtle sweetness of rice paper to the surprising nuttiness of wafer paper.

Remember, the taste journey doesn’t end here! Share your edible paper experiences in the comments below. Did you try a specific recipe or discover a unique flavor combination? Perhaps you have questions or creative ideas to share. Let’s build a community of adventurous foodies, eager to unlock the full potential of this intriguing edible canvas.

And for those who want to embark on their own edible paper odyssey, remember to explore reputable sources and high-quality ingredients. With a little research and creativity, you can transform simple dishes into visually stunning and tastefully innovative experiences. So, go forth, experiment, and discover the delicious world of edible paper!

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