What Does Corona Taste Like? [A Little Slice of Mexico!]

So, What Does It Taste Like

Corona is one of the most popular beers in the world. It’s a global brand, found in more than 150 countries, but it has its roots in Mexico’s Baja California region. Corona is traditionally served with a lime wedge, but there are also plenty of other ways to enjoy this refreshing beer.

So, What Does It Taste Like?

What Does Corona Taste Like

Corona is a pale lager, or pilsner, with an alcohol by volume (ABV) content between 4.5 and 5 percent. It’s made with barley malt and rice, giving it a light touch that makes it a popular choice for those who don’t like the bitter taste of IPAs and other craft beers.

Corona has a relatively low bitterness rating and is easy to sip on a hot day. If you like the taste of light beers like Bud Light or Miller Lite, you should enjoy Corona as well. Beer drinkers often use “crisp” and “refreshing” to describe how Corona tastes.

How To Drink Corona Beer (Lime Wedge, Anyone?)

There are a few different ways to consume Corona, depending on your preference.

1. With a Lime Wedge: The most popular way to have Corona and add a punch to the beer taste. Either squeeze the lime slice over the top of the beer or drop it in the glass. Citrus slice helps give Corona a tart, citrusy taste that goes well with the sweetness of the malt.

2. In a Michelada: A Michelada is a Mexican cocktail made with beer, tomato juice, and various spices. It’s usually served with a citrus slice and can be quite spicy. This cocktail when served cold is perfect for those who want to enjoy the feel of Corona with a little extra kick without worrying about any bitter aftertaste.

3. Frozen: If you’re thinking of drinking a bottle of beer on a hot summer day, frozen Corona is the way to go. Just pour it into a blender with some ice and mix your favorite fruit juice and you’ll have a delicious beverage that’s perfect for summer.

4. With a Shot of Tequila: If you’re looking for something a little more potent, try mixing Corona extra with tequila. This is a popular drink in Mexico and can be made either on the rocks or frozen. The tequila adds a smoky, earthy, and refreshing taste that goes well with the sweetness of the beer.

5. In a Margarita Mix: Corona extra also makes a delicious margarita. Just combine it with some lime juice, tequila, and triple sec and you’ll have a cocktail that’s perfect for parties. Let your guests mix their margaritas using different combinations of beer, lime juice, and tequila to create endless possibilities.

Pairing Corona with food

Corona pairs well with a variety of different foods. Here are a few of our favorite pairing ideas:

1. Tacos

Tacos are a Mexican classic and a bottle of Corona is the perfect beer to drink with them. Corona beer’s light taste goes well with the spicy flavors in tacos, and the two are a match made in heaven.

2. Seafood

Drinking beer pairs well with both fried and grilled seafood. For a kicked-up version of this pairing, try mixing Corona with some shrimp or crab cocktail.

3. Pizza

Pizza is a classic American dish that goes well with a cold beer. Drinking a bottle of Corona while eating a slice of pizza is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxed evening at home.

4. BBQ

If you’re grilling up some burgers and hot dogs, Corona extra is the perfect beer to have with them. The malt taste of this beer pairs well with the smoky flavors of barbecued food, and the two are perfect for a summer cookout. Besides, holding that Corona bottle just looks cool at a BBQ.

5. Chips and Guacamole

Corona Beer Mexican Food Tequila Mexican Food

If you’re enjoying a plate of chips and guacamole, Corona is the ideal beer to revel with it. The delicate flavor of Corona beer pairs well with the spicy flavors in guacamole, making it the perfect accompaniment to your appetizer.

6. Chicken

Chicken is a versatile dish that can be prepared in a variety of different ways. Corona is an excellent beer to have with chicken, regardless of how it’s cooked. If you’re grilling up some chicken outdoors, Corona is the perfect beer to have on a hot day.

7. Salad

Salad is the perfect meal for those who are looking for something healthy while drinking Corona beer. It’s an excellent choice to drink with salad since the beer taste will not overpower the flavors of the salad ingredients.

8. Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisine is a great option for those who are looking for something different. Corona goes well with most Asian dishes, especially those that have a spicy flavor. If you’re ordering in from your favorite Thai or Vietnamese restaurant, be sure to order a bottle of Corona to enjoy your meal.

Corona in Popular Culture

Corona is a popular beer brewed all over the globe, and it has been featured in several different commercials, song lyrics, movie scenes, and TV show references. Here are a few examples:

– It has been featured in several commercials, including ads for the NFL, the NBA, and the US Open.

– The song “Put It All On Me” by Ed Sheeran includes the lyrics “I’ll have a Corona, she can have whatever she wants.”

– The movie “The Hangover” features a scene in which the characters are drinking Corona beer while watching the sunrise.

– In the TV show “How I Met Your Mother,” the character Ted Mosby frequently orders Corona at the bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions that people ask about Corona:

Does Corona Taste Good?

The Corona taste can be described as a light, refreshing, and almost sweet flavor. While opinions may vary, most people seem to agree that it is a tasty beer.

Where Is Corona Made?

Corona is brewed in Mexico and it is available in over 180 countries worldwide.

How Many Calories Are in a Corona Beer?

There are about 144 calories in a bottle of Corona.

How Much Alcohol Is in a Corona?

There is about 4.6% alcohol by volume in a bottle of Corona.

What is the Price of a Corona?

The price of a Corona varies depending on the country, but it typically ranges between $2 and $4.

Corona is a popular light beer that is enjoyed by people all over the world. It has a refreshing flavor and a relatively low alcohol content. Corona is often paired with Mexican food but can be enjoyed with a variety of different dishes. It is also popular in popular culture and has been featured in several commercials, song lyrics, movie scenes, and TV show references. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a cold bottle of Corona and enjoy!

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