What Does Avocado Taste Like?

While the world is busy going gaga over avocados, so lets find out what does Avocado taste like?

I have met many skeptical people regarding the way it tastes. Surprisingly, some don’t even know how they taste. Avocados are a hyped food, no doubt, but they do live up to the hype, which many are missing out on.

Being one of the best sources of healthy fats, avocados have become extremely popular because of their raging Avocado toast recipes to the relatable LA memes.

If you are someone like the few people that I know who haven’t tasted an avocado in their life, let me be the one to help you through.

What is an Avocado?

What Does Avocado Taste Like

Well, it’s a fruit. Duh!

Often known as alligator pears, Avocados come from an Avocado tree, which is native to south-central Mexico. 

This fruit is mainly a “berry-like” fruit that contains a single seed inside, which everyone calls the pit. But, the reason why avocados have gained so much popularity is because of its nutritional properties.

A single fruit is packed with a whole range of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, deeming it rewarding for your health.

Another fun fact about avocados is that they ripen after they are harvested. Finding a perfectly ripe avocado is a challenge, especially when it comes to the store-bought ones. If the avocado is too ripe, it will have a mushy and brownish inside.

What Does Avocado Taste Like?

Coming to the question of the hour. How is the taste and texture of an avocado?

Well, if you have already watched the thousands of Avocado toast and Guacamole recipes online, you’d know that the fruit has a very mushy and creamy texture.

If you are expecting some groundbreaking and one of a kind taste in an Avocado, you are signing yourself up for a disappointment.

First bite into an avocado, and you’d know that the fruit has a neutral and bland taste to it. It has a very rich and creamy aftertaste that lingers on your tongue for quite some time after eating it.

One of the best ways to compliment an avocado’s taste is to add some seasonings to it. It is what accentuates the flavor, texture, and creaminess of the fruit. 

The majority of the people who have eaten an avocado or eat avocado daily say that the taste is quite muted unless you add some seasoning. Some avocados also have a nutty flavor to it that is highlighted the more you eat it.

Suppose one was to define the taste of avocado based on the taste categories, in that case, it will be close to umami as it doesn’t fit into any other category of sweet or savory.

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Why is Eating Avocado Good for Your Health?

Nobody likes doing things just because. If there is a sudden hype among people eating Avocado toasts, there must be a reason for it.

Well, the reason is the wide range of health benefits it imposes.

Nutritional Benefits

Avocados are enriched with over 20 types of vitamins and minerals

Unlike most other fruits found in the market, avocados contain a wide range of monounsaturated fatty acids in them. They are suitable for your health and prevent the risks of cardiovascular diseases and other complications.

Cancer-Fighting Properties

Avocados contain a fatty acid named Oleic Acid, one that has predominant benefits in warding off cancer risks. 

It imposes anti-inflammatory properties, one that helps keep your body functions in check. Healthy fat also controls the incidence of chronic diseases, including diabetes and heart risks.

Helps with Weight Loss

Avocados are rich in fiber that keeps on satiated for long and even promotes better metabolic health. If you have a habit of overeating, eating avocado can help reduce your appetite, preventing that.

A controlled diet, in the long run, helps promote weight loss. Since it is low on carbs and high in fats, it is perfect for adding to your keto diet. It also alleviates higher cholesterol levels in the body.

Promotes Skin Health

An additional benefit of eating an avocado is seen on your skin. The healthy fats in the fruit help nourish and moisturize your skin, making it look soft and supple.

It also restores the lost glow on the skin, mainly because of the polyunsaturated fatty acids’ presence in it.

Improves Your Vision

If you have impaired vision or see things blurry now and then, consuming avocados can help change that. 

The high levels of lutein in the avocado protect your eyes and prevent any form of macular damage. It also protects your eyes from the constant blue light emitted from the laptops and mobiles.

How to Know if an Avocado is Ripe Enough?

It is another confusion that many people have. If you haven’t bought an avocado before, it is likely you wouldn’t know which one is good.

If your avocado isn’t ripe enough, it will be harder for you to slice it open. But, if the avocado is ripe enough, it will have the perfect color underneath the stem’s nub. If it is too green, it is not mature enough.

Can One Cook an Avocado?

While there is nothing wrong with cooking an avocado, most of the recipes available on the internet don’t call for it.

Ranging from the creamy guacamole to the staple avocado toast, everyone uses the raw fruit.

But, if you are planning on cooking it, I’d suggest you mix it into a sauce form and then cook some pasta with it. The avocado adds a creamy texture to the dish and doesn’t break apart even when it’s heated.

What Are Some Unique Ways to Use an Avocado?

If you are trying avocado for the first time, we’d suggest you taste it as it is first before you add seasonings or other toppings.

But, the use of an avocado in a recipe is more than that of an Avocado toast. We are here to guide you through with a few recipes that elevate the taste of the avocado.

1. Egg Bake with Avocado

It is one of the tastiest ways to eat an avocado, especially if you don’t enjoy eating it by itself.

2. Avocado for Mayo

If you choose a healthier route for your meals, switching your mayo for avocado is one of the best ways to eat this fruit. Since it already has a very creamy and buttery texture, using it as a spread for your sandwiches instead of mayo is a far healthier alternative.

3. Salad Toppings

With the raging popularity of avocados, more and more people are starting to add it to their salads. It adds a filling element to a bowl of greens and even introduces a change in texture among all the crunchy vegetables you fill your salad bowl with.

4. Sushi Rolls

Avocado rolls have gained immense popularity, especially in the vegan community. It is a nice alternative to the traditional cucumber rolls that every vegan or vegetarian is tired of eating. Aside from the rolls, several sushi places are even introducing the deep-fried avocados with stuffing inside. Did you know about this sushi rice cooker?

5. In Smoothies

As we mentioned in the last part of the article, avocados don’t have a distinct taste. It means that adding it to your smoothies won’t make a difference in taste but elevate the smoothie’s creaminess. In case you tend to drink your smoothies for breakfast, adding half an avocado can be a game-changer.

6. Avocado Hummus

Lastly, one of the best ways to incorporate avocado into your diet is by adding it to the hummus. It adds a richness to the hummus and makes it even healthier and more filling. You can enjoy this with some pita strips or even with some fresh crunchy veggies. Have you tried the famous Mediterranean falafels?

How to Store an Avocado?

If you are buying an avocado, know that they tend to start browning if you leave them cut in half. So, you either need to eat the whole thing at once or know the correct ways to store them.

It is always best to buy a ripened avocado or wait for it to ripen before you eat it entirely. Whole avocados stay fresh in the fridge’s produce section.

In case you have half an avocado left, wrap them in an avocado protector, which are available online, and store them in the fridge. It prevents the browning and lets it last longer.


What are your thoughts now? Are avocados worth a try? If you are still curious, I’d suggest you visit your nearest store and get yourself one to try out. The first taste test might be a little underwhelming, but to be honest, it grows on you the more you eat it. So, if you feel like risking your taste buds, I’d say go for it.

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