What Does a Star Fruit Taste Like (+ Best Ways to Eat It)

What Does a Star Fruit Taste Like

Many of us know that we have to get our five-a-day in to stay healthy. However, eating the same bananas, oranges, and apples can get pretty old after a while!

To break the monotony, why not mix things up with some tropical fruit? And, why not mix it up with the delicious star fruit?

Star fruit has a sour and citrusy flavor, and is extremely refreshing. The five-pointed fruit has a mild flavor, making it ideal for adding to dishes or eating plain.

This guide will let you in on many other pieces of the puzzle: where star fruit comes from, how to eat it, WHY it’s so goddamn difficult to find, and more!

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What Is Star Fruit?

Before we jump into what star fruit tastes like, let’s talk about what it is.

Also known as carambola, star fruit is grown on the Averrhoa Carambola tree. 

It’s native to tropical areas such as Malaysia, India, South America, and several other south Asian countries. Thanks to its popularity, this fruit is sold worldwide. (Okay, it may just so happen that it’s unavailable wherever it is that you currently happen to live. But more on that below.)

Star fruit is dark green, but when it ripens, it turns a bright yellow. When ripe, it has a citrusy, slightly sour, and acidic taste.

Star fruit contains tons of important nutrients, including:

  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Copper
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C
  • Sodium
  • Folate
  • Vitamin B5
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

These nutrients make it a great addition to your diet and the ideal way to keep your body healthy. 

Not that either of these arguments would matter if it weren’t for its smack!

How to Properly Store Star Fruit

star fruit on a cutting board
Could get a bit more ripe!

These days, tropical usually means “available just around the corner, even if you live in the farthest, coldest North.”

Not where star fruit’s concerned!

Unlike, say, dragon fruit, starfruit isn’t always the easiest fruit to find. And, when you do find it, it’s not always ripe.

The good news is that if you find unripe star fruit, you can easily ripen them at home. When you ripen star fruit at home, make sure to turn the fruit so that all sides of the plant ripen evenly. 

After the fruit is ripe, you’ll want to eat it pretty quickly. Store the fruit at room temperature and make sure to eat it within 1-3 days for the best results. 

The easiest way to store star fruit is on the counter. It will last up to a week when left on the counter. 

If you want your fruits to last more than a week, just pop them into the refrigerator. Star fruits will last up to two weeks in the refrigerator. 

Or, you can freeze star fruit. Star fruit can be stored for as much as 6 months in the freezer!

What Does a Star Fruit Taste Like

There are two different types of star fruit. The flavors are pretty different, so make your choice wisely (if you can choose at all)!

  1. Sweet star fruit is a small fruit. It is usually a pale green color and has a sweet flavor with slight citrus notes.
  2. Sour star fruit is much larger than its cousin. This fruit is a bright yellow when it is ripe. The fruit tastes sour and is often seasoned with ginger, chili, or salt.

How to Eat Star Fruit

starfruit with cherries

There are several ways that you can eat star fruit. It’s a great addition to recipes, or can be eaten raw!

Raw Fruit

To eat star fruit raw, all you’ll need to do is to chop the ends off the fruit. Then, slice the fruit horizontally into pieces about 1cm thick

Then, remove the seeds. You can easily do this as you’re slicing the fruit so that when you sit down to eat them you have fresh, seed-free slices.

If you’re eating the fruit raw, we recommend dusting it with chili powder and a little bit of salt. The spicy and salty flavors combine perfectly with the sour fruit!


Did you love eating star fruit raw? Another great way to use this fruit is to slice it up and add it to your favorite salad! The star-shaped fruit looks gorgeous on top of summer salads.


Star fruit juice is pretty hydrating thanks to its low sugar content. You can simply puree the fruit and add a little water to make a quick juice. 

If you want to mix things up, add a little bit of sugar, chili, cinamon, or other spices! Get creative and come up with your own juice recipe. 


Another unique way to use star fruit is to pickle it. When you pickle star fruit, you’ll get a unique twist on the fruit’s natural sour flavor. 

On top of that, pickled star fruit’s shape makes it pretty eye-catching when you add it to dishes. Replace your favorite pickle dishes with star fruit and enjoy the results!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions about star fruit? We’ve got answers! Here are a few more things to know about star fruit.

Can Star Fruit Kill You?

Granted, it may look like a plate of shurikens. But there’s no reason to worry: it won’t kill you.

However, you should be aware of certain risks.

Although star fruit is generally safe to eat, people who have kidney disease may not be able to process some of the chemicals in star fruit. As long as you have healthy kidneys, however, your body will be able to process out these ingredients and keep you safe.

Is Star Fruit Bad for Your Health?

Many people worry that star fruit is bad for their health. Star fruit can actually provide numerous health benefits, making it a great fruit to incorporate into your diet. Scroll up to read more about the perks!

Why Is Star Fruit So Expensive?

Star fruit often comes with a pretty high price tag, and for good reason. Star fruit can only be grown in warm climates, which means it often has to be imported. When it is grown domestically, it requires special care and lots of attention to help it bear fruit.

Do You Peel Star Fruit Before Eating?

Unlike many common fruits, you don’t need to peel star fruit before you eat it. In fact, the peel has a subtle citrus flavor which can really add to the way the fruit tastes!

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