What Do Chicken Feet Taste Like? [Is It Worth The Effort?]

What Do Chicken Feet Taste Like

Chicken feet are a commonly eaten delicacy in Asian cuisine. Although poultry feet may not be a common thing in some parts of the world they are a good addition to your list of dishes. This article will help you learn how chicken feet taste and how to prepare them.

What Do Chicken Feet Taste Like

Chicken feet, also known as “phoenix claws” in some cultures, have a unique flavor and textural experience that can be both intriguing and challenging for the uninitiated. Here’s a breakdown:


  • Subtle chicken: They don’t taste intensely like chicken breast, but you’ll definitely recognize a mild chicken-y essence.
  • Rich and savory: The long cooking process extracts collagen and gelatin, creating a deep, savory flavor often described as umami-rich.
  • Spiced and saucy: The taste is heavily influenced by the cooking style and accompanying sauce. Popular flavorings include black bean sauce (smoky and salty), chili peppers (spicy), soy sauce (savory), and ginger (aromatic).


  • Gelatinous: The most distinctive feature is the gelatinous texture, thanks to the abundance of collagen. It can be surprisingly pleasant, offering a satisfying chewiness.
  • Tender meat: Despite the bony appearance, the meat itself is quite tender and comes off easily when you know how to navigate the bones.
  • Crunchy bits: Depending on the preparation, you might encounter crispy skin or cartilage, adding another textural dimension.


  • Flavor is subjective: Some people love the combination of savory, rich, and gelatinous textures, while others find it challenging.
  • Preparation matters: The taste and texture greatly depend on how they’re cooked. For instance, deep-frying adds a crispy element, while braising creates a softer, melt-in-your-mouth experience.
  • An acquired taste: If you’re open to trying new things and enjoy exploring different textures, chicken feet might be a delightful adventure.

Bonus: If you’re still apprehensive, try them in soup or stir-fry first, where the flavors and textures are more blended.

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Are chicken feet tasty?

Chicken Feet Taste

A common misconception is that chicken feet taste bad, this is not true. Depending on how they are cooked, they can have a wealth of different flavors and tastes. Usually, however, chicken feet have almost crispy skin and a flavourful layer of meat underneath.

How to prepare chicken feet?

To eat chicken feet and enjoy the experience you must be able to cook it properly. This is one of the most important things that is required to make chicken feet taste good. Bringing out the great flavor in the chicken and duck feet is an art that requires some preparation.

The following are a few of the most timeless recipes which are sure to make delicious chicken feet.

Dim sum chicken feet

What Do Chicken Feet Taste Like

Perhaps the most popular dish made of chicken feet is dim sum. This is commonly consumed in China and is basically a bowl of chicken feet that have first been deep-fried. Following this, the chicken feet are then braised which helps soften the skin.

In order to ensure that there is more flavor, some spices can also be added during this step. One of the most crucial things to remember, however, is to ensure that the chicken feet are properly cooked.

Any food lover knows that overcooking chicken will result in a rubbery texture and flavorless meat which will defeat the entire point.

One important tip to remember is that any recipe requires cleaned chicken feet. In order to clean the chicken feet properly, you should run them under cold water while scrubbing to ensure that all grime and debris have been removed.

Deep fried chicken feet

Deep Fried Chicken Feet Taste

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Deep-fried chicken feet produce a result that is quite unique in terms of its flavor. This is the case because deep-frying makes the skin nice and crispy while the flesh underneath the skin remains tender and flavorful.

This method of cooking comes with its risks though as it is really easy for inexperienced chefs to accidentally splash hot oil over themselves while adding the chicken feet into the fryer.

Another alternative that can be pursued to deep frying is the option of roasting.

For this simply apply a layer of oil or some other cooking fat to the chicken feet and add them into an oven. They should be slow-cooked so that there is an even roast throughout the feet and then can be enjoyed on their own or as a component of a more intricate dish.

Chinese oyster sauce chicken feet

Chinese Oyster Sauce Chicken Feet Taste

One of the most authentic ways of eating chicken feet is by using this traditional recipe to cook them. First, start off by ensuring that the chicken feet have been thoroughly cleaned so that they can be used for consumption.

After this has been done, you can go ahead and lightly fry the chicken feet so that the skin becomes crispy and there is added flavor in the meat. The next step is to take out the chicken feet and boil them in water so that the thick layer of skin starts breaking down and the feet become more tender.

Finally, these chicken feet can be enjoyed simply as dim sum and dipped in soy sauce or oyster sauce. Moreover, if you prefer, you can also do something more intricate such as making a glaze for the chicken feet and putting them in the oven for a short while.

No matter what variation you take on this recipe, the result is bound to be surprisingly delicious.

Commonly Asked Questions

Considering the fact that chicken feet may be an unfamiliar cooking ingredient to many people, there are often questions surrounding this delicacy. The following are a few of the most common questions which have been answered for your convenience.

Is eating chicken feet healthy?

One of the greatest surprises offered by chicken feet is how healthy of an ingredient it is thanks to being packed chock full of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that the human body desperately needs.

The most crucial of these which is present in chicken feet is collagen. Collagen helps renew connective tissue within the body thanks to which it can make one’s skin soft and bouncy and prevent the wrinkles that come with aging.

Moreover, collagen can also help reduce joint pain and minimize arthritis due to the fact that it can help heal tendons and other connective tissue within the body. In fact, this is one of the main reasons people eat chicken feet.

Even if you simply cook chicken feet as a bone broth, there are still a plethora of benefits it offers. This is because boiled chicken feet release a lot of nutrients into the broth which are then consumed when you drink it.

Where can I get chicken feet?

Where Can I Get Chicken Feet

In some places, one of the biggest obstacles to enjoying a bowl of braised chicken feet with a few dried hot chilies might be the inaccessibility of this ingredient. There are two main ways you can find chicken feet in your area for cooking.

The first is to check a specialty Asian cuisine store, where, as a bonus, you can probably also pick up some high-quality soy sauce to enjoy with your chicken feet.

Alternatively, if such a store is not present in your area, you can make your way to an organic chicken butcher shop. Here, you can likely make a deal with the butcher to get the feet for cheap if not free altogether.

Final words

Despite the fact that this ingredient may not be as common as chicken wings or as readily enjoyed as chicken breast, it still offers a plethora of health benefits as well as a delicious crispy flavor that is hard to match from other parts of the bird.

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