5 Easy Ways To Reheat Pancakes

Reheat Pancakes

Knowing how to reheat pancakes is a neat trick that saves you time and effort on busy mornings. Pancakes are already super easy to whip up, but reheating them is much simpler. And sometimes, when reheated, they turn out even better than they were originally!

There are plenty of advantages to reheating, especially with pancakes! This comfort food turns out even better after it’s spent some time in cold storage. Reheating food well is an art that is being taught on this website.

Keep reading to learn all about the art of reheating pancakes!

What You Will Need To Reheat Pancakes

Here is my go to list for what I use when reheating pancakes. Its super helpful to have them around and ready.

Now that you have what you need to reheat the pancakes, lets discuss the 5 best methods you can use to get these flapjacks ready for a scrumptious meal

5 Ways To Reheat Leftover Pancakes

Is the air fryer your favorite kitchen tool, or is it the cast-iron skillet?

Regardless, you can reheat pancakes in pretty much anything. Here are the top 5 ways to reheat pancakes that we suggest for fluffy pancakes that are just as great as freshly made ones!

Best Way To Reheat Pancakes
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1. How To Reheat Pancakes In Air Fryer

Air frying is the best way to reheat pancakes. It makes them slightly crisp on the outside while keeping the middle warm and fluffy. The air fryer will also retain the pancake’s texture and flavor.

To reheat pancakes in an air fryer, you want to follow these steps,

  • Arrange your pancakes in the dryer basket in a single layer and use some cooking spray on them.
  • Adjust the frying temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and let the pancakes heat for 2–3 minutes.
  • Open the fryer basket and flip the pancakes once.
  • Heat them again for 2 minutes.

And that’s all!

Although you can reheat more pancakes in one go, it might not heat all the pancakes thoroughly.

2. How To Reheat Pancakes In A Toaster

Some like their pancakes crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. And a toaster is the best way to reheat pancakes if that’s what you want to achieve. Toasters are perfect for heating 1–2 pancakes at a time but only if the pancakes don’t have any toppings.

All you are required to do is follow these steps,

  • Pop the pancakes into the toaster and heat on gentle settings like for toasts and bagels.
  • Let them heat for 90–120 seconds, and serve them hot!

For pancakes that are too thick and won’t fit, slicing them into halves works.

3. How To Reheat Pancakes In An Oven

If you have a large batch of leftover pancakes and a large crowd that’s shown up unannounced at your place, the oven is your best bet.

How can you reheat pancakes in the oven?

  • Start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Find a baking pan to arrange your pancakes on it (in a single layer).

Adding melted butter to your pancakes before heating them will make them more moist.

  • Cover your pancakes and pan with foil.
  • Put your pan in the oven and leave it for 4–7 minutes.
Reheat Pancakes In Oven
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4. How To Reheat Pancakes In A Microwave

A microwave is not the best way to heat pancakes because they will likely fall apart. Or they’ll become tough and soggy if left out for even a couple of minutes.

But, if microwaving is your only option at present, here’s how to make do and minimize damage.

  • Wrap the pancakes in foil and put them on a microwave-safe plate.
  • Microwave your pancakes for 10–15 seconds.

5. How To Reheat Pancakes On The Stove

If you don’t mind spending a few minutes at the kitchen counter, you can try reheating pancakes on the stove. For this method, you’ll need a frying pan or cast-iron skillet.

  • Set the burner on a low flame and put the pan on it.
  • Layer the pancakes on the pan.
  • Let your pancakes heat for 3–4 minutes while gently flipping them.
  • Plate your heated pancakes with your favorite toppings, and serve!

Avoid setting the heat too high, or you’ll risk burning the pancake before it’s warm throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Reheat Pancakes?

It is entirely safe to reheat pancakes, so long as you follow the right steps for storage and reheating.

How To Store Leftover Pancakes For Reheating

So you’ve made pancakes and have some leftovers in your hand. If they’re cool, you can put them in a container right away or let them cool down to room temperature first.

Once they’re cool, find a Ziploc freezer bag or aluminum foil to wrap them in and store them in the freezer.


Storing pancakes that haven’t cooled down properly will result in condensation, which will make your pancakes soggy.

In the Refrigerator

You can easily store pancakes in the fridge for up to 4 days. We like to put our pancakes in the fridge when we plan to eat them for the next meal.

The best part is, there’s little prep you need to do. So you can simply put your pancakes in an airtight container/wrap and stash them in the fridge.

In the Freezer

Pancakes can surely last a lot longer—for up to 3 months when frozen. We prefer to freeze our pancakes when the batch of leftovers is too large to consume all at once.

For this method, you can use the same steps as mentioned above. But you want to add two layers of protection, foil wrap and a freezer-safe container.

How To Take Out Pancakes From The Freezer

When taking out the pancakes, make sure only to get as many pancakes as you’re going to consume right away. Also, avoid storing them again after they’ve thawed once.

And whichever heating method you choose, let the pancakes thaw once you get them out of the freezer. Otherwise, you’ll have to heat them for 30–60 seconds longer.

To Sum It Up

Pancakes are one of the rare few dishes that turn out much better after being reheated. And by following this guide, you will soon make leftover pancakes your favorite meal of all time. And with so many methods to reheat pancakes, a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner is no reason to worry!

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