Virtual Cooking Classes

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What would be the value of virtual cooking classes? Consider the following questions:

Why are we facing a world crisis of declining health and overweight populations?

Why do less and less people know how to cook?

Why do good cooks not have enough time to whip up a nourishing meal?

Why do so many people find that they have to eat out or order in, or not eat at all?

Why does so much food go to waste in most homes?

What is wrong here? Has the world gone crazy?

Here’s my theory: With life speeding up and mothers having to work to make ends meet, cooking good everyday food has become a dying art. For many, cooking isn’t being taught in the home, or school, and so we are left to cope.

With random recipes from the internet, meals from food restaurants, and pre-made foods from the supermarket, we try to do the best we can for ourselves and our loved ones. However, we wonder why we don’t feel energetic and healthy and we do want to feed ourselves and our families better.

Why Online Cooking Classes?

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While you can learn some cooking skills from random recipes, there is a better way.

A step-by-step approach to learning is a much more effective guarantee of success. 

While I did most of my early cooking from recipes, my approach to making meals was way too complicated (and slow). Then, I had the opportunity to learn to cook in France, from one of the most talented cooks around. She was my mother-in-law and was known as a fantastic cook, in a country filled with fantastic cooks. She grew up during the war and learned to cook with whatever was to hand. She could create wonders with almost no ingredients, like her mother before her! She taught me so much and this I have distilled into a step-by-step approach to learning to cook!

With the speed of life right now, it is much more efficient to learn to cook online, particularly with on-demand lessons exactly when you need them – on your schedule.

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