How to Reheat Creme Brulee: A Do-It-Yourself Guide

How to Reheat Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee is an exotic experience, without a speck of exaggeration. From the crunchy layer of burnt sugar with the smooth and creamy custard underneath, this dessert is a gastronomic innovation that you just can’t beat!

However, creme brulee is best eaten warm, fresh out of the oven with the sugar burnt to a caramel. So, if you are wondering if you can take a few extra servings of this French dessert to go, this article should answer all your questions.

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Can you Even Reheat Creme Brulee?

No, you shouldn’t necessarily reheat your creme brulee since the dish is normally served cold with a burnt layer of sugar on top. The actual custard is often baked and then cooled down before it is served to the guests.

It is only before serving that a thin layer of sugar is added on top of the ramekin bowl and then burnt using a blowtorch to caramelize the upper layer. That is the layer that you break with your spoon and enjoy a difference in texture.

Should Creme Brulee be Served Hot or Cold?

It goes without saying that creme brulee is traditionally served cold. It is just the layer of burnt sugar on top that is done a few minutes before serving it to the guests. Since the main element of the creme brulee is the custard, serving it hot will make it lose its texture and overcook the eggs that are in the custard. So, you will not have the traditional creamy tasting custard but eggs and creamy texture, which isn’t appealing at all.

Once the custard is done cooking, the ramekins are refrigerated to ensure that the custard has cooled down. Before serving, a layer of sugar is blown into the custard to get that crisp and burnt sugar layer. 

The biggest pet peeve with creme brulee is thinking that you can caramelize the sugar on top of the custard and then serve it later. That is NOT how it works and won’t give that traditional crackling sound or taste that you’d normally expect from this French dessert.

Should You Reheat your Creme Brulee?

Reheat Creme Brulee

If you have any kinds of leftover creme brulee from your restaurant run the other night, I wouldn’t suggest that you reheat the dessert as it enhances the risks of overcooking the eggs in the custard, leading to a gritty texture with the typical egg-like taste, which completely ruins the taste.

Throwing away leftovers is never a good idea. Especially not creme brulee! A special dessert served cold that may have been sitting for a while? Not to worry — you can simply do the upper layer of burnt sugar at home and serve it up just like in all your favorite restaurants!

How Long Does the Brulee Stay Crunchy?

The crunchy layer on top of creme brulee is what separates it from other desserts. Generally, the caramelized sugar topping stays crispy for 1-2 hours maximum. However, there’s no comparison between a freshly made crème brûlée and leftovers that have been sitting in the refrigerator all day long!


Who doesn’t love creme brulee? We all do!

It’s so sweet and creamy, just like the best desserts should be!

But what if you have leftovers and are looking for a way to finish them up without having to compromise on taste?

This article has your back with everything that you need to know about reheating your leftover creme brulee dishes while still retaining their perfect texture.


How to Reheat Creme Brulee
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