How to Reheat Tandoori Chicken

How To Reheat Tandoori Chicken

Some leftover Tandoori chicken will be great for your quick lunch or dinner. There are several ways to reheat it but be careful not to drain all the juices, leaving it dry. For this reason, which is some of the best ways you can use to reheat your tandoori chicken?

You have plenty of options here from oven, air fryer, and microwave. Also, you may opt to reheat the chicken using the stovetop, but be sure to add some oil in all cases. You do not want your chicken to turn out overly dry.

It is very easy to overcook your tandoori chicken when reheating it, making it hard to chew. This article highlights the different methods you can opt for when reheating it. Kindly keep reading to know more on how to maintain the flavor of your leftover tandoori chicken without drying it.

How to Reheat Tandoori Chicken in the Oven

Tandoori Chicken With Fork And Pita

Reheating the tandoori chicken in the oven is one of the best ways to maintain its flavor. The flavor will turn out great and be tender, just like when you freshly baked it.

However, it may take more time to reheat it than any other method. Here is how you do it:

1.       As always, ensure you first make the oven ready to heat it fully before reheating the chicken. You do so by preheating it at 350

2.       As the oven reheats, remove the tandoori chicken from the fridge. Allow it to come to room temperature by leaving it at the chicken counter for a few minutes.

3.       Prepare the baking tray you will be using. Such involves placing aluminum foil on it and spraying some cooking oil. Also, you may opt to use a wire rack, so just lay it over a baking sheet.

4.       To ensure the chicken does not come out dry, smear some oil around it.

5.       Place the chicken on the rack and ensure the pieces have enough space from each other. Using a rack ensures efficient circulation of the hot air throughout the chicken. It will also make sure your chicken turns out crispy.

6.       Allow the tandoori chicken to bake for about 15 minutes. After this, you can check whether its internal temperature is at 165. It is ready for serving.

How to Reheat Tandoori Chicken in the Microwave

Tandoori Chicken On A Black Plate With Pepper And Onion

The leftover tandoori chicken will also do pretty well in the microwave. The method is pretty straightforward, and you get your tandoori chicken reheated very fast. Below is how you should reheat it in the microwave!

1.       Start by removing the chicken from the fridge If it was initially there. Such will ensure that it gets to room temperature and heats up pretty quick.

2.       Arrange the tandoori chicken well in a microwave-safe dish. You want to ensure that the pieces do not overlap, so place them in a single layer. Also, place the smaller pieces at the center of the plate and the larger ones at the edge.

3.       Pour a bit of olive oil on the tandoori chicken. At this point, you may also drizzle a teaspoon of water on it. Such ensures the chicken maintains its moisture.

4.       Cover the dish with microwave-safe plastic wrap. Set the time and allow the chicken to reheat for two minutes.

5.       Once this time elapses, you can check whether it is ready. If not, flip the tandoori chicken pieces to the other side. Allow it to heat for about 30 seconds before checking again if it is ready.

6.       Do the 30-second interval until you are satisfied with the heat in the chicken. You can check whether the internal temperature is at 165.

How to Reheat Tandoori Chicken in the Air Fryer

Tandoori Chicken On A Black Plate With Cut Lime And Onion

The air fryer will help maintain the crispy feeling in your chicken as you eat it. It is also great at retaining the crunchy texture you may crave in your chicken. To reheat in tandoori chicken in the air fryer:

1.       Preheat the air fryer to 360 for five minutes. Other air fryer models may require you to preheat it to 375.

2.       As it reheats, prepare the tandoori chicken. Please do this by allowing the chicken to come to room temperature over the counter. Then spray some cooking spray on the tandoori chicken.

3.       Place the tandoori chicken in the air fryer basket. Ensure you place them in a single layer.

4.       Set the time of the air fryer to about 4 minutes. Allow the chicken tandoori to reheat for this period.

5.       You can check on them halfway through the time and shake the basket to heat effectively.

6.       You may add more heat to them maybe raise it to 400. Let the tandoori chicken heat up for another 5 minutes.

7.       Once this time elapses, you can check whether the internal temperature is at 165. If yes, go ahead and serve it with some wedge potatoes or vegetables.

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