How to Reheat Steamed Blue Crabs: My 3 Go-To Techniques

How To Reheat Steamed Blue Crabs

Blue crabs being seafood go bad very quickly, but if you store them well, they will last you a good while. The great thing about them is that you do not need to heat them to enjoy them. But what if you need to reheat the steamed blue crabs? How should you do it?

You can opt to reheat your steamed blue crabs by steaming them or using the microwave, this technique is very similar to reheating seafood boil. The microwave is the ideal way for reheating steamed blue crab since it ensures that they do not get dry. If you choose to use it, 6 to 8 minutes will be enough, and the crabs will taste as though you have steamed them.

You can reheat steamed blue crabs in several easy and fast methods. Ensure that the method you choose does not make the crabs dry and that the taste remains the same. This article will guide you on how to reheat your steamed blue crabs; keep reading!

How to Reheat Steamed Blue Crabs in the Microwave

how to reheat crabs

The best method you will ever use to reheat your steamed blue crabs is the microwave. It is pretty straightforward to do so, ensuring that they remain moist. Here is how you can reheat the steamed blue crabs:

1.       Start by removing the crabs from the fridge if they were there. You want to ensure that they are at room temperature by the time they start reheating in the microwave. It will make the process pretty quick.

2.       Make a piece of paper towel damp and wrap the blue crabs with it. You will be reheating them in batches, so cover each set with a wet paper towel.

3.       Normally, it will be better to reheat 6 to 8 crabs at a time to reheat well and quickly. Using the damp paper towel helps ensure that the crabs do not dry up when you reheat it.

4.       Place the steamed blue crabs in the microwave. Since you have them wrapped, you need not use a dish to reheat them. Just place your first batch on the microwave plate.

5.       Set the microwave heat to a high setting. High heat always ensures that enough heat reaches the crabs.

6.       For each batch you will be reheating, one minute or two will be enough to bring it to the desired heat.

7.       Once this time elapses, you can remove the steamed blue crabs with tongs. Go ahead and remove the paper towel and serve.

8.       Place the next batch and allow it to heat at the same temperature and time.

How to Reheat Steamed Blue Crabs Using a Steamer

Reheating Crab in a Steamer

Steaming is also a viable method to reheat your steamed blue crabs since you use the technique even when making them afresh. This method ensures that the crabs remain moist all through. Even though the steps involved are quite many, it is always the ideal alternative method for microwaving.

One major thing you will require is a steamer basket or a rack. So, here is how you do it:

1.       Always start by putting water in a large pot. The water can reach about 3 inches.

2.       If you want, you can add some more seasonings to the water as it boils. They will add some extra flavor to your crabs. Some of which you may opt for include garlic, onion powder vinegar, or beer.

3.       Once you add everything you require, you can place your steamer basket or rack on the pot. It will get the steam as the water boils. Ensure that the steamer basket or the wire rack does not touch the water level.

4.       It is now time to bring the water to a boil. So, set the heat to medium-high and allow it to boil. You can either use your stove or grill to boil the water.

5.       At this point, place your crabs on the steamer basket or the rack. Ensure that they also do not touch the water, but this should not be an issue if you put your wire rack well. You can throw more seasoning on the crab if you want.

6.        Cover the steamed blue crabs and allow them to reheat with the steam from boiling water. They should do so for 4 to 7 minutes per batch.

7.       After this time, you can check whether they are good to go and serve.

8.       Ensure that you do not leave them in the steamer for so long. Otherwise, the crabs may end up becoming dry.

How to Reheat Steamed Blue Crabs in Oven

Reheating Steamed Blue Crabs in Oven

Even though the oven is not ideal, you can also use it to reheat the steamed blue crabs. What you have to ensure is that you reheat in a way that they will not get dry. To do this:

1.       Preheat your oven to 375.

2.       Add half an inch of water to an oven-friendly dish.

3.       Place this dish in the oven, and allow it to heat up until it produces steam.

4.       Place a wire rack on top of this dish, then place your steamed blue crabs on the wire rack.

5.       Allow the crabs to get heat for approximately 10 minutes before removing them from the oven.

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