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How to Reheat Steak in Air Fryer the Best Way

reheat steak in air fryer

If you are looking for the best way to reheat steak in air fryer, this is it! For simple, fast, and easy instructions that yield perfect results, read on.

There’s nothing quite like a tender, flavorful steak cooked just the way you like it. For some folks, it’s the go-to meal for special occasions. For others, it’s a weekly must, and I have to confess I’m in that latter camp. I love steak! It’s a versatile protein that pairs well with practically anything. In fact, it’s always the first section I head to at the grocery store. It’s also the section of the menu I am inevitably drawn to. If I had the opportunity to pick my last meal, you can bet it would include a fat, juicy Delmonico!

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Why Is The Air Fryer Best Way To Reheat A Stake!

And speaking of easy, let’s get back to that air fryer and the task at hand, shall we? It’s the best way to reheat a steak! One problem people run into is that it can easily get overdone and dry. Sometimes, low and slow is the best way to tackle a leftover protein, but not steak. The air fryer is perfect. Its speed helps to maintain the steak’s original level of doneness. And that convection heat helps simulate that outer sizzle you get from the grill or pan. So, without further ado, here’s how to reheat steak in Air Fryer the right way:

best way to reheat filet mignon

Must-Have Seasonings, Sauces, and Sides When Reheating Stake in Airfryer

Sometimes, it’s those little extras that make all the difference. The seasonings. The steak sauce. The side dishes that allow that beautiful slab of beef to really shine. Here are some of the best accouterments that every steak lover should have in their kitchen:

Steak Seasoning – I’m a huge fan of Montreal Steak Seasoning by McCormick. When I grill or pan-fry a steak, it’s always on there. And even when I’m just reheating leftover steak, a little sprinkle is never a bad idea. 

Steak Sauce – There are lots of sauces out there to choose from, but the perennial classic A.1. never disappoints. Lea & Perrins Steak Sauce is fantastic as well (especially if you like the flavor of Worcestershire). And if you like mushrooms with steak, you’ve got to try Dawn Fresh Mushroom Steak Sauce. I always have a can of this awesome creation in my cupboard! Yum!

Pasta and Potato Sides – I don’t know about you, but whenever I have steak, I always want some kind of potato or pasta as a side, too. And you just can’t beat the convenience of a microwaveable cup when you want it to be quick and easy. Try Annie’s Mac & White Cheddar and also, you can try Idahoan’s Buttery Homestyle and Loaded Baked Mashed Potatoes. They’re delicious and easy on the wallet, too!

How to Reheat Steak in Air Fryer

  1. Preheat your air fryer to 350ºF. (It should only take a few minutes.)
  2. While your air fryer is warming up, grab your leftover steak out of the fridge.

Tip: Most of the time, I would recommend letting leftover meat warm up to room temperature before reheating. But I’m not going to do that here. Why? Because most people enjoy their steak medium-rare. If your steak is still cool in the middle when it goes into the air fryer, there’s a better chance it will stay pink and juicy.

  1. Brush your steak with a little butter on both sides. You could consider this optional, but I strongly recommend it. It enhances the flavor and helps it stay moist. (Did you know that the best steak restaurants baste their steaks with butter as they cook them?!) And if your steak is rather plain, you can sprinkle on a little more seasoning now, too.
  2. Add your steak in a single layer to the fryer basket. Don’t crowd the basket. (If necessary, you can reheat in batches.)
  3. Next, put your basket into the air fryer and begin timing. Small or thin pieces can be done as soon as 4 minutes. Larger pieces might need 6-8 minutes. Reheat steak in air fryer for a few minutes and check it with a thermometer. Also, give the steak a flip about halfway through cooking time for best results. 

A note on temperatures: For a medium rare steak, you want to take it out when the thermometer reads 140ºF. If you want it more medium to well done, go ahead and let it go to 150-160ºF. (If you don’t have an instant-read thermometer, trust me, you need one! Here’s a great choice from Alpha Grillers that even comes with a lifetime warranty.)

  1. When your steak has reached your desired temperature, take it out. Move it to a plate, loosely tent it with foil, and let it rest for 5-10 minutes before serving.

I like to serve it with an extra dab of butter, too. If you do, drop a dollop on top as soon as it comes out so it can melt while the steak is resting.

Resting is critical, even when you reheat steak in air fryer. It allows the meat’s juices to redistribute throughout the meat. If you don’t rest it, all that juicy goodness will run out onto your plate and your steak won’t be as moist or flavorful.

reheating steak in air fryer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to reheat filet mignon that is wrapped in bacon?

Here is best way to reheat filet mignon that is wrapped in bacon These instructions to reheat steak in air fryer work great for that, too, just skip brushing your steak with butter because you have something even better – bacon fat!

Can I reheat steak in the microwave?

Um, technically you could reheat steak in the microwave. But I don’t recommend it. That is, unless you don’t mind that glorious treasure tasting more like a leathery old sneaker! (If you want Nike, just do it. If you don’t, just don’t, people. Please.) But if you absolutely insist, add a little cup of water to the microwave next to the steak, then reheat on half power for a minute or two, or until it is just barely hot enough.)

When I reheat steak in air fryer, should I cut it up first?

Nope, leave it whole or you will lose valuable juiciness. If you want to cut it up into pieces, don’t do it before reheating steak in air fryer. Instead, do it after it’s been warmed up and rested.

What are some of the best steak cuts?

Yes, Delmonico (aka ribeye) is a favorite, but certainly not the only cut people enjoy. One of the best things about steak is that there are so many wonderful cuts to choose from. Frankly, you could eat steak all week and enjoy a different one each time.

Some of the best cuts include filet mignon, New York strip, porterhouse, and T-bone. Sirloin is very popular as well, as is flank and skirt steak. It all comes down to personal preference. If you prefer a lean cut, skirt steak might be your best bet. However, if you think that fat equals flavor, you just can’t go wrong with that ribeye or a strip. 

Of course, your budget might be a consideration as well, and some cuts can be pricey. But here’s another great thing about steak—inexpensive cuts are an option, too! Even a chuck or round steak can be delicious, especially when it is seasoned well. 

Can you freeze steak?

Yes you can freeze steak, if you cannot eat your leftover steak within a few days, it will keep in the freezer for a few months. Just wrap it up tightly and get as much air out of the package as possible. Then, just thaw it out and reheat steak in air fryer when you are ready for it.

Can I use these instructions to reheat steak pie also?

These instructions to reheat steak in air fryer is not ideal for that. Instead, see my excellent tutorial specifically for reheating steak pies here.

What else can I use leftover steak for?

Leftover steak is wonderful in chili, soups, and stews. It’s terrific for sandwiches as well. Whether you reheat steak in air fryer or use it another way, it never has to go to waste!

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