How to Reheat Pizza in Air Fryer – 6 Simple Tricks!

How to Reheat pizza in airfyer

Are you looking for the perfect way how to reheat pizza in air fryer? 

Pizza is not just a meal—it’s an investment! I don’t know about you, but when I buy pizza, I always get enough to have leftovers. And, of course, we all want those leftovers to be just as delicious the second time around. A crispy outer crust that is still pillowy soft and chewy inside. Ooey-gooey, bubbly, melty cheese. Toppings that still taste like, well, toppings, and not something you swept up off the floor! 

So, are you ready to make your leftover za the absolute best it can be? Then stick with me and read on, friends. I’ve got you!

How to Reheat Pizza in Air Fryer [Easy Steps]

how long to reheat frozen pizza in air fryer

Step 1: Take your leftover pizza out of the fridge and let it warm up for about 15 minutes.

Step 2: Preheat your air fryer to 350ºF (which should only take about 3 minutes).

Step 3: Brush your pizza bottom and exposed crust with a very light amount of good olive oil. (I absolutely love California Olive Ranch, especially their Global Blend. If you haven’t tried it yet, do yourself a favor and grab a bottle!)

PS—Don’t skip this tip! It helps your pizza crust get crispy without getting dry.

Step 4: Now, here comes my special air fryer hack: You are going to add water! 

If you have a smaller fryer model, add a teaspoon of cold water to the fryer underneath the basket. For a larger fryer, add 2 teaspoons. 

Note: Why add water? Because it creates steam, and that’s the magical secret to making your leftover pizza truly great again! The steam keeps your crust from getting too dry. It also helps your cheese melt and keeps it from getting too brown. Plus, it rehydrates your toppings so their flavor stays at its best. 

Step 5: Now, put your pizza in the fryer basket and arrange the slices so that they do not overlap. (Don’t overcrowd the basket. If necessary, do it in batches instead.)

Step 6: Put the basket in the air fryer and start timing. It should only take about 4 minutes to reheat pizza in air fryer. Note, however, that thick slices could take longer, and thin slices could take less. Keep an eye on it and take it out as soon as it is hot and crispy once again. 

There you go 6 simple steps on how to reheat pizza in air fryer. Enjoy hot, scrumptious and crunchy pizza

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Why use an Air fryer to Reheat Pizza?

what temperature to reheat pizza in an air fryer

I know that reheating pizza is no easy task. Way too often, those leftover slices end up tasting more like the cardboard box they arrived in! But there’s a new miracle appliance in town these days, folks—the air fryer! When you reheat pizza in air fryer, you’ll get excellent results every time.

Not only is it a terrific way to reheat pizza, but it also makes the task simple and very fast. If you’ve got one of those, you are already halfway there to an encore of pizza perfection!

I’ll show you the proper way of how to reheat pizza in air fryer in my easy-to-follow guide that follows. Plus, I’ve got expert tips and an air fryer pizza hack that will blow your mind and wow your family! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What temperature to reheat pizza in an air fryer for a crispier crust?

Don’t go higher than 350ºF when you reheat pizza in air fryer. Otherwise, your pizza could get too dry or burned. Instead, follow my tip about brushing oil on the crust in Step 2 above. Not only does it make the crust crispy again but it also adds a wonderful flavor!

2. How long to reheat frozen pizza in air fryer?

It’s not a good idea to put your leftover pizza into the air fryer while it’s still frozen. It just won’t reheat evenly. Instead, let it thaw first, then follow the instructions how to reheat pizza in air fryer listed above.

3. How long to reheat pizza in Ninja air fryer?

First, let me congratulate you on a great appliance choice. The Ninja is one of the very best air fryers in existence. (If you don’t have one yet or want to upgrade, this is the one!) But although your Ninja probably preheats faster than other models, the timing should be about the same as above. Your best bet is to simply keep an eye on it.

4. Do these instructions work well for Pizza Hut pizza also?

Yes, for sure. These instructions to reheat pizza in air fryer work for all kinds of pizza. But in tribute to our favorite pizza chain, I’ve got a tutorial just for Pizza Hut pizza right here.

5. What other ways can I reheat pizza?

The stovetop, oven, and even the microwave can work, too. But for the easiest and tastiest results, always reheat pizza in air fryer!

6. How did Pizza become the World’s Favorite Food

Frankly, I’ve never met anybody that doesn’t love pizza. It’s just one of those comfort foods that’s truly impossible to dislike. Did you know that pizza is considered the most-liked food in the entire world? Maybe that comes as no surprise, but do you also know its origins?

From the earliest recorded times, ancient civilizations like the Greeks and Egyptians were eating flatbreads with various accompaniments. However, pizza as we know it today—with tomato, cheese, and other toppings—didn’t exist until the late 1700s. It was created in Italy, and more specifically, in the seaside city of Naples. 

Pizza began as a simple street food of the common Neapolitan people. It was a much-loved, affordable meal for peasants. But it wasn’t long before it landed on the tables of kings and queens as well. It spread quickly throughout Italy. Can you believe that pizza delivery even began there in the 1800s?! But it still took 200 years to escape the Boot and arrive in America. 

An Italian immigrant named Gennaro Lombardi opened our country’s very first pizza shop on Spring Street in lower Manhattan. The rest, as they say, is history. (By the way, Lombardi’s is still right there, still owned by the same family, and still dishing up extraordinary pie! If you visit New York and don’t stop by for a slice, I’m disowning you!)

Is Pizza a Common Indulgence

Nowadays, of course, there’s a pizza shop on practically every corner. We can’t all be lucky enough to have Lombardi’s, but I bet you’ve got great ones to choose from! Plus, every grocery store has an entire freezer section full of them. Even the fanciest restaurants have them on their menus. And many foodies even take the time to make their own pizza from scratch. (Yum!)

But whether your pizza is delivery, take-out, a frozen brand, or a homemade treat, it’s likely a frequent indulgence. A staggering 3 billion pizzas are consumed in the U.S. alone every year. Statistics show that most of us eat at least a slice nearly every week. No wonder you’ve got some leftover pizza sitting in your fridge right now! And speaking of which…


Farewell, soggy pizza, hello crispy perfection! The air fryer is your new best friend for reviving leftover pizza. With its magical blast of hot air, say goodbye to rubbery crusts and embrace melty cheese, revitalized toppings, and a satisfying crunch in mere minutes.

So ditch the microwave and embrace the air fryer for pizza that tastes like it just came out of the oven (or better!). Remember, preheat, arrange in a single layer, and keep an eye on things for the ultimate pizza resurrection. Happy air frying!

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