How To Reheat Pizza Hut Pizza [How to Avoid a Soggy Mess!]

How To Reheat Pizza Hut Pizza

Pizza should be the food of the gods, but not when served cold. Leftover Pizza Hut pizza can often have a too chewy crust with a soggy center from the fillings and sauces. Reheating the wrong way can result in a crust that’s too dry and fillings that have lost their flavor. 

When reheating with a microwave, include a glass of water to retain the moisture of the crust and ensure the crust and fillings warm up evenly. An oven is one of the best reheating methods for Pizza Hut pizza. Other great alternatives include a skillet, air fryer, or grill. 

There are many different ways to reheat Pizza Hut pizza. Read on for the easiest, most convenient ways which retain the flavor and yummy texture of Pizza Hut pizzas without overcooking the fillings. 

How to Reheat Pizza Hut Pizza in an Oven

Pizza Hut Pizza Surrounded By Vegetables

The oven should be you go to appliance when reheating Pizza Hut pizza, or any pizza for that matter. An oven is easy to use and retains the flavor and texture of the crust, fillings, cheeses, and sauces. 

The best way to reheat Pizza Hut pizza in an oven is to:

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius)
  2. Place a cookie sheet on your kitchen counter or table then line the cookie sheet with some parchment paper
  3. Separate the slices of pizza and place them an inch or two apart on a parchment paper
  4. Add any fillings you may want to add, such as cheeses, peppers, or tomatoes
  5. Place the cookie sheet in the middle rack of the oven
  6. Let it bake for 5 to 8 minutes or until you see the cheese bubbling
  7. Wearing oven mitts, remove the cookie sheet and serve the pizza hot
  8. Note that these instructions are for a pizza made with a Pizza Hut standard hand-tossed crust. For a stuffed crust, add a couple of minutes to the baking time. For a thin crust pizza, deduct a minute or two from the baking time. 

How to Reheat Pizza Hut Pizza on a Skillet

Pizza Hut Pizza Next To A Knife

When you’re reheating a small pizza, such as Pizza Hut’s 8-inch pizza, then a skillet would be a great alternative to a standard oven. The skillet also works if you’re only heating up a few slices rather than one big box of pizza leftovers. 

You will first need to find a skillet wide enough to put in the whole pizza. You don’t want any slices layering over one another. Once you have the right skillet, the steps for reheating Pizza Hut pizza are:

  1. Place your skillet on medium heat and let it warm up
  2. place the pizza inside and let it warm for a few minutes until the crust shows a slight browning
  3. After a couple of minutes, add a few drops of water into the skillet. Too much water will make the crust cold and soggy. The water helps the pizza crust retain moisture and the toppings to warm up without overcooking
  4. Cover the pizza with a lid or some aluminum foil so moisture doesn’t escape
  5. Leave the skillet undisturbed on low-medium heat for two minutes then check whether the crust is crispy and the cheese has melted from the steam. Serve if ready

How to Reheat Pizza Hut Pizza in an Air Fryer

Rather than using a microwave, an air fryer is the next best thing to a standard oven when it comes to reheating Pizza Hut pizza. Just like a standard oven, an air fryer uses convection currents to transfer heat.

However, most air fryers can only reheat one slice of pizza at a time. Nonetheless, it’s a fast method so even when you have many people or many slices to reheat, it should be okay to queue up and wait in turns. To reheat Pizza Hut pizza in an air fryer:

Pizza Hut Pizza From The Oven
  1. Place the slices of pizza in the cold air fryer and close
  2. Set the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius)
  3. Allow the pizza to heat up for approximately 5 minutes
  4. The result should be a hot crispy crust, steamy toppings, and melted cheese ready to eat. 

How to Reheat Pizza Hut Pizza on a Grill

If you already have a grill going either in preparation for something else or after grilling something else, then a grill can produce great results when reheating pizza. However, it may not be worth firing up the grill just to reheat cold pizza

Reheating a Pizza Hut pizza on a grill can make the pizza even tastier and look more appetizing. The char marks on the crust can make for a beautiful look while the aromatic flavors can entice your taste buds in new ways. To reheat Pizza Hut pizza on a grill:

  1. Ensure the grill is on medium heat. 
  2. Lightly grease the grate with some butter. This will help in creating the char marks. 
  3. Ensure the coal is hot but there are no high flames as this can make for an uneven grilling. 
  4. Remove the pizza from the box and set it directly on the grate
  5. Close the lid of the grill for a few minutes and peep to check whether the pizza is ready. The toppings should look steamy and the cheese melty while the crust should be crispy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions on the best ways to reheat Pizza Hut pizza? We’ve got answers!

Pizza Hut Pizza On A Blue Background

How Do I Store Reheated Pizza Hut Pizza?

Place some parchment paper at the bottom of the pizza box, then place the pizza and wrap it on top with more parchment paper. Wrap the pizza in a plastic wrap, place it inside the box, and keep the box inside the fridge. 

Can I Reheat Pizza Hut Pizza Multiple Times?

Yes, you can. However, each time you reheat it becomes more difficult to regain the crust’s texture and the cheese loses some of its flavor. Thus, it’s best to reheat only once or twice. 

How Long Does It Take to Reheat Pizza Hut Pizza?

An air fryer takes 5 minutes, an oven takes 5-10 minutes, a skillet takes 5-10 minutes, while a grill takes up to 15 minutes.

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