How to Reheat a Jimmy John’s Sub [Some Like it Hot!]

How to reheat a Jimmy Johns sub

The Jimmy John’s franchise doesn’t offer any hot or oven-baked subs in any of its locations. However, some customers would love having their subs hot. If you’re one of those who love Jimmy John’s subs hot, then you need to know the different ways you can heat it up. 

You can use either an oven, microwave, toaster, steamer pan, or grill to reheat your Jimmy John’s sub. Each appliance has its own methods, settings, and time limits. You need to balance between keeping the bun crunchy though not too toasty. Also, take care not to overcook the fillings.

Read on to discover ways to reheat a Jimmy John’s sub preserving its texture without getting the bread too toasted or too mushy.  

1. Reheat a Jimmy John’s Sub in Standard Oven

How to Reheat a Jimmy Johns Sub

A standard oven is clearly the best way to reheat a Jimmy John’s sub. Take the following steps:

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (177 degrees Celsius). Another option is to use the broiler which works faster and results in a toastier sub.
  2. Do not slice the sub. Otherwise, it will quickly become hard and too crunchy. 
  3. You can lightly spread a little butter on the bread. 
  4. Wrap the sub in aluminum foil. If you attempt reheating without the foil, the bread will overcook and turn out too crunchy. 
  5. Put the sub in the oven for ten minutes. This gives the sub time to warm up to its center. Longer than that and the fillings will overcook. 
  6. Remove the sub and serve it immediately to retain the taste and texture.

2. Reheat a Jimmy John’s Sub in Microwave

Even though a microwave is very convenient for reheating most types of foods, it’s not really ideal for reheating a Jimmy Johns sub. However, it can still work with the right preparations. The steps to take are:

  1. Fill a small soup bowl halfway with water and put it inside the microwave. This adds moisture so the bun doesn’t get too crusty. 
  2. Line the microwave glass plate with one or two layers of paper towels. 
  3. Place the Jimmy Johns sub on the paper-layered plate. 
  4. Cover the sub with another two layers of paper towels. 
  5. Slightly spray some water on the paper towel to dampen. Don’t make it soggy. 
  6. Heat it all up on low heat settings for about ten seconds. 
  7. Flip the sub then heat it again on the same settings for another ten seconds.
  8. Enjoy your freshly warmed sub. 

3. Reheat a Jimmy John’s Sub in Steamer Pan

You can use steam to warm up your sub. Using a steamer pan removes the risk of toasting the bun while also preserving the taste and texture of the fillings. To reheat your Jimmy John’s sub with a steamer pan:

  1. Fill a pan approximately a third of the way with water. 
  2. Place the steamer into the sauce pan ensuring the water isn’t touching the bottom of the steamer. 
  3. Wrap the Jimmy John’s sub in aluminum foil so the bread doesn’t get soggy. 
  4. Put your wrapped sub into the steamer.
  5. Turn the flame to high heat until the water is boiling.
  6. Once the water starts bubbling, cover the steamer with a lid so the evaporating steam is trapped inside. 
  7. Reduce the temperature to medium and leave for five to ten minutes. 
  8. Turn off the heat and remove the sub. Unwrap and serve immediately. 

4. Reheat a Jimmy John’s Sub Skillet

Reheat a Jimmy John's Sub

A skillet on a stovetop is an easy option for reheating a Jimmy John’s sub. The simple steps are:

  1. Set your stovetop to medium high heat. 
  2. Wrap the sub in aluminum foil. This helps the sub heat up evenly inside and outside while also protecting the bread from getting burned and the fillings from overcooking. 
  3. Place the sub inside the skillet and cover with a lid.
  4. After two or three minutes, reduce the flame to low heat. This will gently warm the bread. 
  5. After about five minutes, turn off the stovetop, uncover the lid, and remove the sub. Unwrap and enjoy your meal.

5. Reheat a Jimmy John’s Sub in Grill

You can use a grill to reheat your Jimmy Johns sub. Even though you can reheat without wrapping, you are likely to get better results when you wrap in aluminum foil or a baking sheet. The steps to take are:

  1. Fire up the grill.
  2. Set the grill to medium high heat. 
  3. Wait a few minutes for the grill to warm up uniformly
  4. As you wait, wrap your sub in either aluminum foil or baker’s sheet. 
  5. Place the sub on the grate. 
  6. Flip every few minutes for about ten minutes. 
  7. Unwrap and enjoy. 

6. Reheat a Jimmy John’s Sub in Toaster

You can use a bread toaster to reheat your Jimmy John’s sub. You will need toaster bags to your fillings don’t drop out of the sub. However, it is difficult to do it right without the fillings dropping out of the sides and bottom. To reheat your Jimmy John’s sub with a toaster:

  1. Carefully cut the sub into slices thin enough to fit inside a toaster. Leave some space allowance so the slices fit even when inside a toaster bag. 
  2. Carefully take each slice and its fillings and put each slice in a toaster bag.  
  3. Turn on the toaster and put the settings to your desired level. 
  4. Put each slice into the toaster slots and toast like you normally toast your bread slices. 
  5. Take care when removing the toasted sub slices as they may be too hot to handle when done. Pick them up by the bag handles.


In conclusion, reheating a Jimmy John’s sub is a simple yet strategic process that allows you to revive the freshness and flavor of your favorite sandwich. By choosing the right method – whether it’s using an oven, toaster oven, microwave, or stovetop – and considering the type of sub you have, you can elevate your dining experience.

The key lies in balancing the desire for a warm sub with the need to preserve the original texture and taste that make Jimmy John’s subs so popular. Whichever method you choose, the goal is to achieve a satisfying reheated sub that brings back the delightful combination of quality ingredients.

So, the next time you have a Jimmy John’s sub on your plate, armed with these reheating techniques, you can enjoy a delicious and satisfying experience all over again.

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