Can You Freeze String Cheese? Read Complete Guide


String cheese is a lot more than a good snack. It is versatile, tastes good, is rich in protein, and makes for the perfect snack for kids, especially during trips. But, have you ever wondered whether these small cylinders of cheese can be frozen? Contrary to popular belief, yes, you can freeze string cheese.

The first time that I realized this, I was shocked because that meant that I could buy them in bulk and freeze the rest that I didn’t need. Unlike other cheeses, string cheese has low water content, making it ideal for freezing. It can only be frozen for up to 2 months, after which, it is not the safest for consumption.

Here, I will share every last detail that you need to know about freezing string cheese and all the precautions that come with it.

What is String Cheese?

Can You Freeze String Cheese

Unless you stay in the United States, you probably won’t know what string cheese is. It is a combination of mozzarella and cheddar cheese shaped in slim and long cylinders and packaged individually. 

Unlike most cheeses, it is highly processed and has a string like chewy texture when cooked, hence the name.

The cheese also peels apart into strings and can be eaten raw or deep-fried into a corn dog as most Americans like to have it.

How to Freeze String Cheese?

String cheese comes in individual packs or as a block that you can buy in bulk to keep as a snack for your kids at home. Whatever the packaging be, you can freeze the cheese in individual packs for more comfortable access whenever needed, or you can freeze them in bulk, the way they came in the package.

Here’s what you can do.

Freezing Individually Packed String Cheese

Individually packed string cheese makes for a perfect kid snack because you can open the wrapper and hand it over to your kid. 

  • If you have several such individually packed string cheese in your pantry, you can collect them all and throw them inside a large zipper bag.
  • This saves a lot of space and makes it easier for you to freeze them as a batch. Just remember to write down the date of freezing on top of the zipper bag.

Freezing Blocks of String Cheese

Freezing Blocks of String Cheese
Healthy Organic String Cheese For a Snack

Instead of individual packs, if you buy large blocks of string cheese to save money and buy in bulk, you need to be careful with the freezing process. It does take a bit more effort since the cheese doesn’t come with its separate packaging.

  • Start by wrapping the block of cheese with a plastic film followed by an aluminum foil.
  • In case you don’t own either of these, chuck the cheese inside an airtight container and then freeze it.
  • In case you are using a zipper bag for freezing the block of cheese, make sure that you squeeze out all the air from the bag before you seal it and freeze it.

How Long Can String Cheese be Frozen?

Now that you know how to freeze string cheese, the next thing you need to know is the duration it stays fresh in the freezer. You can’t expect it to remain fresh and edible forever just because it’s frozen.

String cheese stays typically fresh and edible for up to 2 months, following which it starts to lose the natural taste and texture. Sometimes, the cheese remains edible for a month or so more after the two-month mark, but the cheese’s quality doesn’t stay the same anymore.

How to Thaw String Cheese the Right Way?

There is no better way to thaw your string cheese than in the refrigerator. All you need to do is take out the amount of string cheese that you want to eat and then transfer it to the fridge from the freezer.

You can then let the cheese thaw in the fridge overnight and then enjoy them the next morning. Leaving the string cheese out in the fridge overnight is extremely important if you want the cheese to retain the stringy texture.

Does Freezing String Cheese Affect its Nutrition?

It is a common myth, but no, freezing your string cheese won’t affect the cheese’s nutritional value. It keeps the nutrients and proteins intact in the cheese, making it suitable for consumption even after you have frozen it for over 2 months.

Since it has low water content, the cheese freezes amazingly and doesn’t lose its integrity even when you freeze and thaw it multiple times.

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Does Freezing String Cheese Affect its Texture?

One of the main identifying factors about string cheese is its texture. It has a creamy and chewy texture that many people adore, especially when deep-fried and molten. If you are worried that freezing the cheese will affect the texture, you are mistaken.

The only thing you need to be cautious about is the yellowish tinge it sometimes gets when frozen for over two months. The texture retains the chewy and rubbery texture, even when frozen for two months and above that.

It is one of the main reasons people prefer buying string cheese in bulk and then freezing it for later use. It helps them save money, and at the same time, it ensures that they have some form of snack lying around in the house for later use.

How to Distinguish if the String Cheese Has Gone Bad?

Even though it is tough for you to mess up the process of freezing your string cheese, it is possible that a lack of optimal temperature can cause the cheese to become moldy and non-edible. 

If you witness greenish specks on the cheese with a horrible and pungent smell, the cheese has likely gone bad. I wouldn’t suggest you experiment with it and throw it out right away for your good. 

Also, if the cheese has a dark yellow tinge on the outside, it has not gone bad but has likely become very dry. In such cases, cook the cheese instead of eating it on its own as a snack.

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With that, I rest my case. Now you know how to freeze string cheese and every last detail concerning the same. If you were skeptical about it until now, I hope this article gives you all the information you need. Make sure that you follow them accordingly and be careful before eating the cheese. Check for any molds or dirt before putting it into your mouth.

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