6 Best Sushi Rice Cooker

Sushi is a staple in Japan. With the wildfire trend across the world, more or less in every country, people enjoy eating Sushi now. And, let’s be real, buying Sushi from takeaway every single time is not something your bank account will like. So, what is the next best alternative?

One of the reasons why people avoid making Sushi at home is because of the rice. Making the glutinous rice perfectly at home is a challenge. It is where the rice cookers come into play. They are easy to use and make the best rice for Sushi in no time at all.

To help you out, I have picked out some of the best sushi rice cookers currently available in the market.

Best Sushi Rice Cooker – Top Picks

There are a plethora of available rice cookers in the market. Picking one out of those can be a little tricky, especially if you have never owned a rice cooker. Don’t worry, though, my list of rice cookers include the best in terms of design, functions and the overall rice setting.

1. Zojirushi NS-ZCC18

Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 - best sushi rice cooker

Best Overall

When talking about a Japanese staple dish, it goes without saying that the rice cooker needs to be from a Japanese brand. This rice cooker from Zojirushi cooks white rice and brown rice to perfection.

It can accommodate up to 10 cups of rice and has a capacity of 1.8 liters, allowing you to feed large groups of people or make big batches for meal prep. The inner cooking pot is made of stainless steel that is rust-proof and comes with better durability.

It has separate settings for cooking white and brown rice. So, in case you do struggle with the same, it is all sorted out. All you need to do is follow the instructions. It also allows multi-menu selection based on your requirements.

The rice cooker also features eight distinctive functions for cooking different types of sushi rice. It also has an LCD that you can manage and operate according to your needs. It comes with an alert system too, which is why this is a worthy purchase and one of the best sushi rice cooker.

Apart from the standard keep warm function, it also comes with an extended warm feature. This ensures that you don’t have to reheat the rice again and again. Much like several Zojirushi rice cookers, even this one has the neuro-fuzzy logic technology.

Even the timer in this is adjustable, enabling easier functions, based on your needs. The fold-down handle provides a comfortable grip. The exterior of the cooker is made from plastic, which can be a downside for some.

Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 is Suitable for:

This one is perfectly suitable for the larger households who tend to make bigger batches of food and need more rice cooked now and then.

Check out these Zojirushi rice cookers.


  • It has a large capacity.
  • It comes with an easy to operate LCD display.
  • It comes with an extended keep warm feature.


  • The exterior is made of plastic, which is tough to clean at times.

2. Aroma Housewares ARC-5000SB

Aroma Housewares ARC-5000SB- best sushi rice cooker

Best Overall Runner-Up

Next on the list of the best rice cookers is the one from Aroma Housewares. It resembles the design of an instant pot and works just as efficiently. It is quite affordable, but, at the same time, it is packed with some of the best functions. 

It comes with ten cooking settings that cook not just plain white rice and brown rice but also your staple sushi rice. It is also a multipurpose cooker that accommodates not just your rice but some one-pot meals too.

It supports a built-in steam function too that allows you to cook some nutritious meals above the rice you are cooking. Additionally, it comes with a 15-hours delay timer. It will enable you to extend the cooking time and even keep the cooked rice warm for extended periods thus one of the best sushi rice cooker.

For a rice cooker that measures 11.2 x 10.8 x 11.4 inches, this is perfect for homes with a small kitchen space. It fits right into the cabinets and allows easier portability as well. The digital panel is also quite easy to operate.

Aside from the rice cooker itself, the package comes with a steam tray, measuring cup, and a non-stick inner pot that ensures faster cooking without any leftover cooked rice on the bottom of the pan.

Aroma Housewares ARC-5000SB is Suitable for:

If you like cooking one-pot meals aside every rice now and then, then this is a pretty good option that you can take a look into. Additionally, it has a large capacity, allowing you to have bigger batches of food.


  • It supports multiple cooking settings.
  • It comes with a steaming function for cooking meals over the rice.
  • It offers a 15-hours delay timer.


  • The warranty offers are pretty short.

3. Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Pressure Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Pressure Rice Cooker- best sushi rice cooker

Best Value

If budget isn’t a constraint for you, this electric pressure rice cooker from Cuckoo is a pretty good deal you can look into. For cooking white rice or brown rice for your sushi rolls, this one offers 12 different cooking settings.

It cooks perfect rice every time. The intelligent cooking algorithm adjusts the functions according to the meals you are cooking. So, if you are cooking rice for sushi, it adjusts the cooking time based on the kind of rice you are cooking.

Unlike the other ones with the LCD control panel, this one comes with button controls or smart voice navigation. The cooker supports three languages – Korean, English, and Chinese. This enables faster and easier cooking without any hassle.

The soft steam cap has double layers, preventing unnecessary spillage all around. Not just the functions, even cleaning is pretty simple with this. It comes with a self-cleaning feature. This reduces your burden too, making it one of the best sushi rice cooker.

The inner pot comes with an X-walled diamond-coated with aluminum coating inside. Not only does it ensure better heat conductivity, but it also has high durability. The one unique feature of this is the steady cooking process. Every grain of rice cooked in this is cooked to perfection and doesn’t stick together unnecessarily.

Aside from the actual cooker, it comes with a plethora of accessories too. Some of them include the rice scooper, measuring cup, and the steam plate. It doesn’t come with a scoop holder, though. It also doesn’t come with any inner pot coating.

Cuckoo CRP-P0609S is Suitable for:

This rice cooker is perfect for those who want more cooking settings for their rice cooker. It also comes with a stainless steel inner pot that allows easy cooking and cleaning.


  • It comes with multiple cooking settings.
  • It has an intelligent cooking algorithm for adjustable cooking.
  • It supports smart voice navigation.


  • It doesn’t have a scooper holder.

4. Zojirushi NS-TSC18 Rice Cooker

Zojirushi NS-TSC18 Rice Cooker- best sushi rice cooker

Best Value Runner-Up

Yet another Zojirushi rice cooker that you can take a look at is the Zojirushi NS-TSC18 variant. Unlike the other ones, this one has a medium size and is quite lightweight and portable. If you have small kitchen cabinets, this is a good pick.

Like the other variants, even this one is programmed with the microcomputer feature. It has the fuzzy logic technology that allows faster and prompt cooking of the rice every time. Aside from the cooking time, this cooker also adjusts the temperature accordingly.

Talking about the cooking settings, it comes with eight different options for you to choose from. It lets you cook plain white rice and brown rice too. It also allows easier cooking for making rice, baking cakes, and for general steaming of vegetables.

The delay timer in this rice cooker has dual settings. As for the LCD control panel, it lets you navigate the functions and pick out what you deem suitable for your needs. It doesn’t have a backlit screen, so you can’t operate it in the dark.

Like the standard, it supports both the keep warm and extended keep warm feature. It also has a reheating cycle without consuming much time. The exterior of the machine is made of stainless steel, ensuring easier cleaning.

The alert and beep melodies are interchangeable. It also has a built-in retractable power cord that allows easier storage. It comes with a measuring cup that you need to use every time you cook your meals.

Zojirushi NS-TSC18 is Suitable for:

This is one of the best rice cookers for beginners who want an easy user interface and multiple rice settings for their meals. If you want a reliable brand with a compact design, this is it.


  • It comes with fuzzy logic technology.
  • It supports multiple cooking settings.
  • It has dual delay timer settings.
  • It supports an intuitive LCD control panel.


  • The screen behind the LCD is not backlit.

5. Instant Zest Rice Cooker

Instant Zest Rice Cooker- best sushi rice cooker

Best Budget

Finding a budget-friendly yet good quality sushi rice cooker can be difficult. This one from Instant Pot Store satisfies all your needs (and within a budget). Don’t let the price deter you; the functions can compete with some of the leading expensive alternatives.

Even this one has an instant pot like design and has a multipurpose cooking setting. Not only your rice, but it can also help you make one-pot stews and even steam some nutritious meals if you want that.

It comes with four smart programs that ensure cooking your grains perfectly without any hassle at all. All you need is to select the program that you want, and it leaves the grains fluffy. It prevents the grains from sticking to each other as well.

The cooker is lightweight and compact, ensuring easy storage without any issues. The inner pot allows you to steam the veggies and fish with a press of a single button. The inner cooking pot is ceramic coated and non-stick.

Aside from the actual rice cooker, it does come with multiple other accessories. It has the steamer tray that is dishwasher safe and extremely easy to clean. You also get a measuring cup and a spoon with it.

The 18/8 stainless steel lid interior is non-stick and rust-proof, ensuring better durability, unlike anything else available in this price range. It is also available in two other variants with more capacity and a higher price point.

Instant Zest Rice Cooker is Suitable for:

It is perfect for students living in a dorm who need an affordable rice cooker for those late-night sushi cravings. 


  • It has a ceramic coated inner pot.
  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • The interior of the lid is made from stainless steel.


  • Cleaning can be a hassle with this one.

6. Dash DRCM200BK Mini Rice Cooker Steamer

Dash DRCM200BK Mini Rice Cooker Steamer- best sushi rice cooker

Best Budget Runner-Up

Last but not the least on the list is this mini rice cooker steamer from Dash. It is quite an underrated brand, but since I am talking about budget-friendly options, this is hands down a good pick.

It is an extremely basic rice cooker that allows you to cook white rice and brown rice. But, that is not where the functions stop. It can also prepare soups and stews and even your morning breakfast porridge.

It doesn’t come with high-end digital settings that allow you to cook your rice with a single press. All you need to do is add some water, rice, or pasta and press on the Cook button on the cooker.

It can cook staple meals in under 20 minutes. The inner cooking pot of the cooker is removable, so it is easy to clean as well. It has an indicator light that allows you to keep an eye out once the cooking is done.

The cooker’s overall design is also quite compact and lightweight, allowing you to carry it around or keep it stashed away as per your needs. Even this one has the keep warm feature that will enable you to enjoy some warm, delicious meal every time.

It comes in a few quirky colors too. It is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty as well, which again is a reason enough you need to buy this. It doesn’t come with multiple cooking options or menu settings, but it is good enough for the price you pay.

Dash DRCM200BK Mini Rice Cooker Steamer is Suitable for:

If you live in dorms or small apartments and want the best rice cooker, this is it. It comes with a sushi setting, allowing you to cook jasmine rice, GABA rice, and even the standard grain rice.


  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • It can cook multiple types of rice.
  • The Inner pot is removable and easy to clean.


  • It can’t cook larger quantities of rice.

Buying Guide for Sushi Rice Cooker

Kitchen appliances need to be bought after thorough research. You need to check off several factors before you finalize which sushi rice cooker is the best. Here, I am going to list out a few important ones.


The first and the most crucial factor to consider when buying a rice cooker is the capacity. Depending on how much rice you cook or need for your family, you need to check the capacity. But, try and get the medium to larger ones because they come in handy for almost every situation you need to bring out the appliance.

Cooking Function

When talking about Sushi, the rice setting is the most important point you need to look at. You want to ensure that the rice cooks to perfection. Aside from the induction heating system and the temperature adjustments, the cooking functions are just as essential. These sushi rice settings help you cook the rice according to your needs.


The majority of the sushi rice cookers come with a spatula holder and steamer basket in the package itself. Aside from that, there are a few other accessories that you can take a look into. One of the most important ones is the rice measuring cup. It allows you to measure out the rice and cook as per the instructions of the cooker. It is important, especially when cooking the rice with a timer function.


Sushi rice cookers come in a variety of price ranges. Some are extremely expensive as the ones from Zojirushi, and some are pretty affordable, like the ones from Dash. So, depending on your budget and requirements, you need to pick out the one that suits your needs the best.

Inner pan

The main element of a rice cooker is the inner cooking pan. If the cooking pan is not non-stick, the cooked rice will likely stick to the bottom. The majority of them are coated with ceramic, which prevents the rice from sticking to the bottom. While buying one, make sure that you tick this off your checklist.


When talking about sushi rice cookers, the options are never-ending. But, you need to pick out the best. I hope the options I have mentioned above cater to the checklist you have made and help you pick the best one of the lot. You need to know several factors as I have pinpointed, so make sure that you check them out first before investing. Since some of you may be new to sushi, find out what does it taste like.

If asked, my top pick out of the lot would be the Zojirushi NS-ZCC18. Not only does it have the brand’s reliability, but it also is packed with convenient functionalities. 

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